UESI Family Month –
Be careful and faithful

Greetings in His name.

Praise be to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

One of the focus areas of NEGF Department is to help the graduates to establish Christian homes. UESI has been observing January as the UESI Family Month to inculcate and promote the concept of Christian Family. As we prepare to observe January as the family month, a few thoughts came to my mind which I would like to share with you all.

Firstly – Before marriage, let us be careful in choosing a life partner. Spouse need to be a God-fearing person, because as the scripture says in II Corinthians 6:14 – “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.” Salvation is the foundation for Christian life and essential for Christian Marriage. If both are believers and God fearing, then a family having perfect unity is born. Proper guidance to unmarried graduates is the need of the hour. Let’s pray and involve in young lives.

Therefore, let us be careful, spiritual and faithful. Let’s enter this new year, committing as a family to grow altogether in perfect unity, as building blocks and having and growing in holiness with spiritual Disciplines.

Secondly – Let us be careful and be sure about the presence of God in our marriage. God has planned marriage for people with maturity. According to Genesis 2:24, “For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and become one flesh.” They should be emotionally ready to leave their respective parents and start a new journey as a new family unit. As a family they both would continue to love, honor and respect their parents as well as seek their counsel in times of need for the betterment of their family.

Thirdly– let us be careful. Are we faithful towards each other? That God has united a married couple, which starts from leaving, cleaving, and then weaving to be together, leading to oneness which requires faithfulness to each other, and be builder of family, setting an example to the younger generation.

Fourthly– let us be careful about how we groom our children. According to Malachi 2:15, “has not the Lord made them one… He was seeking godly offspring.” When there is oneness in flesh and spirit, they are His. Why oneness in flesh and spirit? Because He is seeking godly offspring, which leads to spiritual discipline and holiness in the family.

Therefore, let us be careful, spiritual and faithful. Let’s enter this new year, committing as a family to grow altogether in perfect unity, as building blocks and having and growing in holiness with spiritual Disciplines.

NEGF Christian Home Cell has brought-out an E-booklet for UESI Family month – January. Kindly use the articles and group bible studies in your EGFs for better understanding and for the edification of Christian families. Extend these GBS meetings to new believer families as well.

Celebrate Family Month – January

A. Objective of UESI Family Month:

1. To Enrich every Graduate family to relook into the Biblical Principles of Christian Marriage, family & Parenting.

2. To Enhance the intimacy between husband and wife (Communication and companionship).

3. To Encourage every young couple to understand the concept of UESI Open Home & be equipped as UESI Open Home and to involve as family in Church & UESI student ministry.

B. Recommendations for UESI Family Month

Use Guidelines and resource materials (E-Booklet) circulated by NEGF Christian Home Cell. This E-Booklet contains articles and group bible studies.

C. The Proposed Activities for Local EGFs

As An EGF: (EGFs to celebrate God’s Design for Family: The Mini-Heaven on Earth)

1. Pray for all the graduate families by name to overcome the schemes of the Enemy.

2. Plan Four EGF Bible Studies based on the materials given in the E-booklet (invite new Christian families – Contacts).

3. Organize Local EGF Seminar/Workshop, Family Excursion for Married Couples (invite new Christian families – Contacts).

4. Visit the families who are irregular to fellowship and inactive in the ministry.

5. Link the Senior Families with young families for Mentoring.

6. Organize/ recommend a pre-marital workshop for young graduates who are getting ready for marriage.

D. The Proposed Activities for Families

As A Family: (Graduate Couples to celebrate intimacy with the Lord & One another)

1. Recite the Marriage Vows to each other (Husband & Wife) & recommit.

2. List the positives & appreciate one another & sharpen communication skills.

3. Share fears and ambitions with each other.

4. Identify the talents & gifts of the spouse.

5. Enrich the family prayer time.

6. Plan a family time (be creative).


Mr. Rajendra Philips, CH Cell Chairperson: [email protected],

Mrs. Shaila Wanesa, CH Cell Staff i/c:, [email protected]

Mr. Rajesh Jana, NEGF Staff Secretary: [email protected]

May God enable every Graduate family to build their own family & other families to become Christ-Centered for God’s Kingdom!!!

In Christ,

– Mr. Sudarshan Rikka,

NEGF Christian Home Cell Secretary, [email protected]