Saji Easo

General Secretary, UESI

I am deeply indebted to God and to each one of you for your commitment and involvement in the ministry of UESI without which we would not be what we are today. Considering the pandemic situation and its impact on mankind is beyond human understanding. Yes, we have lost our members in our family of UESI- indeed it is a great loss for the individual families and to the family of UESI. At the same time, I also marvel at God’s promises and his presence which keeps us moving with a hope I praise God for the grace God gave us to cope up this pandemic and how the Lord helped us to hop on and not to halt on.

We are to the end of another academic year- a year which gave us new definition of life and activities. In midst of all the challenges we had gone through, I am glad to see how God helped us to develop alternative means to reach out the students and build them in the Lord.

As we step into a new academic year and with continued challenge of pandemic. Let us not get weary rather let us press on the goal which he has called us for and engage ourselves in building godly leaders for the nation, church, and society.

May the Lord bless us all!