Jacob Varghese

General Secretary, UESI

As we celebrated the UESI Foundation Day on the 18th of September, we have entered the 70th year of our existence. Today UESI is a large movement, but let’s not forget our humble beginning. I am sure we all have enough stories to share of how the Lord moved people to initiate the ministry in different places. Some of us from the national leadership had the privilege to be at Kasam, Tamil Nadu (where UESI was formed) along with our students and graduates from Vellore. It was an encouraging time to hear some of the stories which came afresh to all who attended it. Dr. R E Dhanaraj and Dr. Lionel connected the links and reiterated the significance of three virtues UESI is known for: Simplicity, Sacrifice and Sanctification.

In addition to this, the evening Legacy Lectures led by Uncle AG Augustine and Uncle JSA Julius was not just a reminder but a clarion call for the members of UESI to be committed to God, His Word and World. In the midst of beauty and fame game Prof. H. Enoch stood for his convictions based on the 66 books of the Bible thus challenging the world order of his time and providing a reasonable alternative to the thinking of his time. Now the baton is with us!

The month of October is full of events, especially significant ones for UESI. The states would be having their annual conferences or similar kind of events. I believe we as EUs & EGFs had a meaningful time on 2nd October, the Day of Prayer, seeking God’s forgiveness for our own unfaithfulness and failure as individuals and as a movement and at the same time standing in the gap and interceding for various needs which was circulated to us. I would like to appreciate the Communication and Networking Department in taking efforts to bring the Prayer Digest to your hands- an effective tool for our prayer together. Please continue to pray for those needs throughout the year. The Bible reminds us that in the midst of a busy schedule of ministry, our Lord Jesus was intentional in withdrawing Himself from the public space to spend time with the Heavenly Father in solitude (Lk 5:16).

20th October is IFES World Student Day. With thankful hearts, let us take part in IFES World Student Day and connect with other students and fellowship groups either in India or IFES world. Please find the link ifesworld.org/en/wsd/ to register and connect to the same. This is going to be a beautiful experience as we join our heats together to pray and celebrate our students across the globe.

May I also encourage the National & State Students Cells to plan some programs where you can share the joy of being a student, record the same and share on UESI official Instagram page and FB. For more details on this please connect with Media cell of CND.

Students are the centre of world attraction as they are the agents of change. Whether the change is for good or bad depends on the influence. Through the generations it is being witnessed how students especially in the post-matric world have influenced and brought change. Needless to say, these changes are based on certain ideologies and philosophies through which young minds are influenced and held captive.

In such a context, the university mission becomes significant as young minds are ignited with godly wisdom and values which promotes love, care, and harmony to the world that they live in. In addition to this the students become agents of change in the specific areas of their studies/profession thus joining with the Redeemer in redeeming the world from the slavery of death and decay to life everlasting thus engaging the world with the Word of God in the plan of God.

The saying, ‘Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders’ has changed to ‘Today’s students are the leaders’. Students form a significant part of the world order and this calls for our urgent attention in building them up under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

As we progress in our ministry, let us remind ourselves of our calling not just to be people who conduct programs/events but committed to bring the Kingdom of God in the universities and colleges of our country and the world at large. Let us be intentional in our approach in engaging with students having conversations over the big and small matters which can bring lasting impact in their own life and others who come in touch with them. Let us consider building witnessing groups in campuses standing tall in their faith, convictions and character thus providing a credible Biblical alternative to various philosophies and ideologies they come across.

In Mark’s Gospel, the Lord speaking to his disciples said, “you are the salt and light of the world…” (Mt 5:13-16) Being the enlightened ones let us make every effort not to hide the light within us rather enlighten others through the light ignited in us. Let us impart the vision to our believing students to be a light in the campuses.