John Victor Nehru

National President, UESI

This calendar year was started with the admonition from ‘Journey ahead is too much for us…’ I Kings 19:7 – and with the promise ‘I will restore to you the years which the swarming locust has eaten’ in Joel 2:25. We as the UESI family, have by God’s grace, successfully closed another academic year and are entering into a new one. I am sure as we look back that there have been enough and more reasons to thank God for His abundant grace and kindness. In the past one year we faced unexpected challenges which not just halted the pace of our ministry but also challenged our routine way of engaging with the students in the campuses.

The impact of the first & second waves of the pandemic has been too devastating- far beyond our imagination. In this crisis, we are called to press on with endurance, fixing our eyes on JESUS considering Christ as our example who endured cross, despising the shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Heb. 12:1 & 2.

Yet on the flip side, it is also true that this crisis compelled us to explore into unreached areas and soon we were able to develop alternative means to carry on. Life never stopped and I thank God for His faithfulness and each one of you for your resilience and for carrying the vision with the same fervor without hesitation.

As we enter this new academic year, I am reminded of ‘Friendship Day’ where some of our young friends engage themelves in building new friends or recommit themselves to their existing ones. There has also been a growth in the different perspectives that people view relationships of any sort. Interestingly, in the recent past, we see stories where celebrities talk of taking relationships to a different level with or without commitment. In such a popular culture we as disciples of Jesus Christ are called to be different and to be enhancers of healthy relationships. We are called to promote a relationship rooted in Christ and His word which would then enable us to be the Salt and the Light of the earth. Therefore, let us take all possible steps in building one to one relationships and enhance our life in Christ Jesus.

As we cherish our lives and thank God for the same, let us also be intentional in our prayer seeking God’s favor for our nation and world at large. As we step into a new season- let this be a season of building new friends and leading them to Jesus the true friend.