True Freedom

We are at the threshold of freedom as India will soon commemorate it on the 15th of August 2022. Looking back to the past, the British ruled India for about 200 years. History tells us that there was oppression, suppression and loss of hope in the minds of the Indian people.. All the land and its wealth were totally squandered or plundered by the British. Millions of people were killed and thousands of people were taken captives to slavery like another story of the Israelites in Egypt in a different form.

India as a huge subcontinent nation having suffered under British imperialism greatly longed and desired to be free from such bondage. Thus, the leaders from all over the country started the freedom movement known as “Freedom India’’. This movement started under the leadership of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, (M.K.Gandhi) popularly known as “Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation”. Through the path and philosophy of non-violence, India was liberated and got Freedom or Independencein 1947.

The leaders from all over the country started the freedom movement known as “Freedom India’’.

However, this freedom began with the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi who was truly a man of peace in the struggle for Freedom of India. Though India became a separate country having its own constitution, laws and rules for the people of the nation, that never brought lasting satisfaction in the hearts of every individual. The enormity of differences, distinctions, prejudices, classes, races, caste systems, religions are still inseparable within the soul of people. Consequently there is no true freedom politically as we proclaim.. As a matter of fact, it applies to any country without exception.

Truly and strangely enough, in human history, there is one true and absolute freedom which the Bible speaks of and is found only in the presence of God. This freedom is brought in us (human soul) by God in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

God in Jesus Christ came to this world to establish a new kingdom where there will be absolute freedom. This freedom that Jesus offered to us is the Freedom from sin and its influence and power over the lives of human in particular and creation in its entirety. The Freedom Kingdom God has prepared is not for every human being but for those who acknowledge their sinfulness and inability to save themselves and believe in Jesus Christ as the one and only person who can forgive us our sins and liberate us by the power of his crucifixion, his burial and his resurrection unto a new life. All those who repent of their sins and put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior receive imputation of righteousness and sanctification by the Holy Spirit indwelling in them. Eternal security and freedom is ensured to all those who will come to him in faith. True and absolute freedom is found and experienced only when one enters the presence of God. This is the new kingdom and new country with new citizenship God has provided to us.

Jesus Christ continues to invite us to take new citizenship and enjoy freedom for eternity. There is a continuous uninterrupted fellowship and intimacy with the King and Ruler of our life..

One final word of warning. For those who reject the offer of this wonderful privilege in and through Jesus Christ, God will dispense His justice upon them- which is “Condemnation” and “Wrath”.

Come, Let us celebrate this Freedom!.

Dr. Vinito Chishi is a retired Medical doctor, a Senior EGF member and presently one of the Vice Presidents of UESI. He resides in Kohima.