Pandemic Social Responsibility

One of the core values of UESI is “Responsibility to Society”. This involves being responsible citizens, obeying the laws of the land, promoting peace, harmony, and being exemplary citizens. Through the pandemic many have been doing their best to be salt and light in the crisis, despite many of their own being sick or grieving the death of loved ones. The members of UESI have displayed a wonderful witness of the church, with many of our own opening their buildings, establishing makeshift medical facilities, working as care-givers, and providing provisions.

During the first wave of the pandemic, the pressing needs included care for migrant workers and relief for family’s dependant on daily income. Many helped by organising distribution of basic grocery packages that could sustain the families as they waited for things to normalize.

The second wave, saw a lot members within the constituency of UESI impacted with covid. Over 2000 members made it to the prayer digests that were circulated every week. Several families have also had to adapt to sudden home calls of their loved ones. Some students have lost a parent, couples where a spouse is no more, parents losing their loved sons and daughters. The situation was grim. Health workers were stretched beyond their limits and essential medical supplies were in shortage. Hospitals were at full capacity and did not have enough supplies to meet the overwhelming need.

Amid all these heart-rending incidents, it was also an occasion where many came together to offer help and solace to those impacted

  • Daily online chain prayers were held for those impacted & critical
  • Helping with renting and buying of oxygen concentrators and cylinders for those who needed.
  • Providing food to the families of those under treatment
  • Assisting those who lost their loved ones through the transition
  • Mental health awareness and other programs to journey with those who are suffering

These and many other initiatives were under taken. We thank the Lord for all those who engaged and enabled such social relief to take place.

As things have stabilized, let us continue to pray for

  • Prevention of the third wave by ensuring effective and efficient vaccination drives
  • For the distribution of vaccinations to be done fairly with everyone getting access to the vaccinations on time
  • Use of all finances and relief materials received towards the pandemic be done with integrity
  • Lessons learnt about poor healthcare infrastructure maybe addressed.
  • God would comfort those who have lost their loved ones during this pandemic and help them as they journey through times of grief.
  • Praise God for all those who could be part of various relief work that took place across the nation.

Let us as a student movement continue to stand in the gap in this needy hour.