Encountering the Resurrected Jesus

UESI has 9 Core values – Centrality of the Word of God, Relationship with God, Fellowship, Personal Care, Student initiative, Life of Faith and Prayer, Moral Purity & Financial Integrity, Shared Leadership and Responsibility to Society. UESI has a rich tradition of studying the Word of God personally and collectively to be in relationship with God, ensuring adherence to other core values.

As we celebrate, the Resurrection of our Lord yet again this year, let’s focus on our relationship with Him.

In John 20:1-16, we have the account of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Mary Magdalene came to the tomb of Jesus early while it was still dark on the first day of the week. Mary saw an open tomb and ran to inform Peter and John that the body of Jesus was missing. Peter and John ran too, and witnessed the same. Both of them noticed the burial linen cloths lying in their places. Peter noticed the face cloth which had been on Jesus’ head lying folded up in a place by itself. Peter and John came and left with mixed feelings, unable to understand the miracle of Resurrection. Mary stood weeping outside the tomb. As she wept, she stooped into the tomb and saw two angels. She expressed her frustration about the missing body of Jesus to the angels. While Mary was weeping, wondering who took the body of Jesus, she turned around and saw Jesus standing. Mary even enquired of the living Jesus about his own dead body. Jesus said to her “Mary”. This personal call opened her eyes, she encountered the resurrected Jesus and exclaimed “Rabboni” (Teacher!).

UESI practices, teaches, insists on studying the Word of God daily as individuals and weekly in our Fellowship meetings. In Christian circles UESI and its members are known to be thorough students and good teachers of the Word of God.

Later that day, two disciples of Jesus were walking towards Emmaus (Luke 24). As they walked, they talked about the momentous events that happened over the weekend, about the arrest, trial, crucifixion and burial of Jesus, their teacher. While they were walking and discussing, Jesus himself drew near and went with them. But their eyes were kept from recognising him. Perceiving their sadness and understanding the reason for the same, Jesus rebuked them as slow of heart to believe the Scriptures. And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself. Later, when Jesus broke bread with them, their eyes were opened and they encountered the resurrected Jesus.

This Resurrection season, we will study the Scriptures for personal meditation and some may be preparing to teach/ preach in UESI and Churches. As we Search the Scriptures, may we encounter the personal presence of our Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ Himself through His Word, calling us out tenderly and teaching us intimately, so that our gaze is riveted on our Living Saviour, Lord, and God.


Benhur Paul, is a retired electronics professional from Nasik and an active EGF member