A Call and Caution to His people

Psalms 95 is titled as ‘Enthronement psalm’ that centered on the fact that ‘The Lord reigns’. Dethroning ourselves is the prerequisite for enthroning Him. It was written for the Feast of Tabernacles after the exiles returned to Judah from Babylon. There are two Points to Ponder:

I. Call to Worship (Ps 95:1-7a):

1. Come and Praise the Lord: v 1-5 – Praise means ‘looking up’! Praise is the antidote for Panic! Praise is an expression of our respect and gratitude to God, admiration for God. ‘Come’ means to go to meet God face to face, to be in His presence. v 1,7.

How? v 1-2 – Singing, shouting, making Joyful noise, speaking forth, singing forth His praises out of a heart filled with love, joy and thankfulness.

Why? v 3-5 – God is our Rock of Salvation – God being strong, steadfast, secure not easily moved, a refuge for those in need. He is great and above the false gods of this world. He is also the Creator of the universe and controls all things v 4-5. He is on the throne! He is in control!

2. Bow down and Worship the Lord (v 6-7a) – Worship means ‘looking/ bowing down’! Worship is the remedy to worry! When you focus on God, you worship. God wants to be the hub of our heart, the focus of our attention, centre of our life, axis of our existence. He is our Great God – we are His people, Great King – we are His subjects, Great Creator- we are His creatures, Great Shepherd – we are His sheep.

Implicit Obedience: In all things, in all matters as Moses did (Exo 40:16). Partial obedience is as good as disobedience!

Immediate Obedience: At once, Immediately as Moses did (Num 1:1,17).Delayed obedience is disobedience!

II. Caution against Disbelief & Disobedience (Ps 95:7b – 11): The commentary is given in Heb 3:7 to 4:13.

1. Hear, Trust and Obey the Lord (v 7b -11 cf Heb 3:18,19) ‘The way we treat the Word of God is the way we treat the God of the Word’ (Heb 4:12). It’s not enough for God to hear our voice; we must hear his voice as the Word of God is read, preached and taught. We are warned not to harden our hearts against the Lord.

Hallmarks of a child of God are Dependence on the character and promises of God and Obedience to the will of God.

A. Dependence: The Israelites complained for water at Rephidim (Exo 17:1-7). They had seen God’s wonderful works in Egypt, especially His defeat of the Egyptian army when He opened and closed the Red Sea – but refused to trust Him for their daily needs. Instead of trusting God, they blamed God & His servant Moses and contended with God with their arrogant attitude and words.

God Alone: Rest in God alone, He alone is my fortress, rock and salvation (Ps 62:1-2).

God Always: Trust in Him at all times (Ps 62:8). Not now and then, but always. He reigns! He is in control!

B. Obedience: Their disbelief and disobedience at Kadesh Barnea (Num 13,14, cf Heb. 3:18,19). They hardened their hearts, refused to trust the Lord and obey His orders to enter the land and claim their inheritance. God judged and consigned them to 38 years of wilderness while the older generation perished. We must take heed to what happened to Israel (I Cor 10:1-13). Obedience is costly, but disobedience is deadly!

Seek the will of God in prayer, know the will of God through the Word of God, do the will of God in obedience.

Consistent Obedience: Not now and then, but always as Moses did (Exo 3:4 to 40:33). Partial obedience is disobedience only! Another example: David – A man after God’s heart… accomplishing God’s plans and God’s purposes… (Acts 13:22, 36).

We are warned not to harden our hearts and thereby fail to claim what God has for us to do, to receive and to enjoy in this New Year. Today – ‘Whatever he says we will do, wherever he sends we will go, never fear only Trust and Obey’.

May the LORD help us to trust in Him alone and always, obey His Word at once, in all things and always and bring glory to God throughout this God guided New Year!

Mr. John Victor Nehru,
UESI President