The second bi-annual UESI TN GCR Senior Graduates Meet for the year 2019 was held in Mr. James Rajakumar’s residence on 26th October, 2019. At the stroke of 9 am, the Graduates started gathering in James’ residence with lit up faces and wearing broad smiles. The Seniors were refreshed with a welcome drink and this informal Meet started with worshipping the Lord. It was a sight to behold the Seniors singing with gusto “making a joyful noise to the Lord”. This was followed by the Word. Mr. James encouraged the Seniors to follow the role model of Paul and beget many Timothies to serve the Lord in GCR. After a short break the programme went on with the Seniors. sharing their personal praise and prayer points. Certain health issues and concerns regarding their children stood out distinctly in their sharing. It was a pity that all of them couldn’t share their concerns because of paucity of time. Praying for one another and for our Ministry were the highlights of this get-to-gether. During this Meet, we could celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. Adolf Asir and Mrs. Aruna Asir. With a sumptuous lunch hosted by Mr. James Rajakumar and Mrs. Bella Rajakumar, the Senior Graduates left with hearts full of joy, praising the Lord, and to meet again in March 2020.

. . . Reported by Dr A. Richard Samuel, Chennai


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