Communication Workshop ‘19


Organized by UESI Communication and Networking Department

Communication Workshop was conducted from 25th to 27th Jan. 2019 at NIOS, Dehradun. The surrounding hills and the highly transient weather provided the perfect backdrop against which creativity could be expressed best. CW equipped 28 of us from 12 states to communicate to the world better and clearer. The objective was to train us for writing and editing our regional and national publications and for the use of media as a channel for evangelism. The sessions on “Communication, Blogging, Designing (poster, newsletter) & Short film; Short Story, Feature Writing, Editing, Writing to Secular media, News Reporting & Devotional writings” etc. were led by M/s. Madhan Kumar, Biby Varughese, Rejo Varughese, Selin Augustine, Athma Soruban and Ashish Alexander. Devotions were led by M/s Athma Soruban, Suzanne, Manjula Lazarus and Sony Farmer. There were also sessions common to all that covered the essentials of communication.

There were three exclusive tracks for English and Hindi Writing and the third for Media, except for a few sessions. Recourse persons helped us practically to get ideas, hone our skills and to practice them. Budding Writers wrote wonderful short stories and were trained in editing and in writing devotional articles. The Media personnel created three wonderful short films. You can watch them by visiting

Kudos to the organizers led by Prabhu Varakumar for their untiring efforts. We enjoyed fruitful fellowship of like-minded believers uniting their passion to communicate through writing and media for God’s glory in UESI.

The CWians of 2019 decided to emulate the first and greatest communicator who communicated through His people to the corrupt world.

“I could learn how to write an article, editing, reporting skills and Blogging” – Ashok Timothy

“This is my first experience in such workshop, I could enjoy and learn how to design poster, newsletter, short film and adding music in short films. Really it has been a blessing time and I want to practice.” – Sumit Singh

“I learnt the different kinds of writing and was challenged to read more literature so as to improve my vocabulary and writing. I was motivated to follow the model of God, the most relevant and effective communicator!” – Jemima

“The workshop encouraged me to work and develop my skills of photography and blogging” – Mukesh

“Learnt the using styles of Camera while taking video” – Sunil

Reporters from CW 2019

Prasant Rajasekar REGF,
Coordinator & Aaron Richy, New Delhi


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