Mission in UESI


Mission of UESI is to Evangelize and Disciple all post metric students in India. Is that the end of the mission of UESI? We have one of the Aims of UESI talking about God’s mission.

What do we mean by that? Every EU student must know what’s happening in God’s mission in the world and in India and do his or her part in it. We have to expose them to God’s mission which is the 4th Aim of UESI. What are the things that we can do to achieve this Aim of UESI?

Mission retreats:
We used to have Mission retreats in each EU earlier. Now how many EUs conduct Mission retreats? Even if there are only a few believers in EU, we must expose them to Mission. Have Mission talks, Missionary life sharing, Missionary Biography sharing, Mission prayers, Mission videos, Mission surveys, Mission Bible studies etc.

EU Meetings:
Have missionary sharing, Mission Bible studies, Mission videos, missionary Biographies and praying for missions

Mission exposure visits:
Plan Exposure trips to mission stations within India and in neighbouring countries by teams of 3-5 students for short terms and stay with missionaries and observe from their life. Work with them and serve them in their works.

Student Volunteer program(SVP):
Whenever students are available for a month as volunteers to be in any mission field, plan for it. Mission Cell of UESI will assist you.

Mission camps:
Have Missions conferences and mission training camps like NMTC, RMTC or SMTC.

Read the Bible and Missionary Biographies:
Read the Bible from a Mission’s point of view. Read Missionary Biographies
All these activities will bring good mission awareness to every believing student that they will be guided by God to take a decision to be actively involved in Mission.

UESI Mission Cell in Charge


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