Maharashtra State LTC and IBS


UESI MH has been able to adapt quickly to the current scenario with a lot of our Bible studies, programmes and camps being moved to the online platforms.

In the last 2 months, we’ve been able to conduct more programmes than any other time. Apart from the local Bible studies that has been going on, we’ve had a state LTC for the student leaders in the state. Around 35 delegates were part of the camp along with another 15-20 graduates.

Doctrines, devotions, practical talks and handbook sessions were conducted. The students also shared their daily Quiet Time with the rest of the delegates on the WhatsApp group. We were able to have resource persons from around the country for the camp.

We also conducted a 2-day Inductive Bible Study (IBS) session in English and Marathi with dedicated resource persons for each language. The session was open to everyone, even those outside UESI circles. We had participants from different parts of the country as well as some from other countries as well. Around 95 participants (both English and Marathi) were part of the training. Separate break-out rooms were created to run both English and Marathi sessions simultaneously. The participants really were blessed to have such a session. Many shared that they were able to really learn to dig into God’s word and have begun to understand it more clearly.

Post the IBS session, we also conducted a 2-day session on Group Bible Study (GBS) as a follow-up for the LTC students. It was also made open for graduates and student leaders who wished to be trained in leading a Bible study. Around 40 joined for the training session from across the state.

We also had live streamed a 2-day session on YouTube on the Doctrine of Trinity with live Question and Answer time for participants. This was again open to all and many commented that they were benefited from the session. Some said that they were able to get a wholistic insight on the Triune God.

Through these various sessions, we’ve been able to reach out to many from different churches as well, thereby helping in building the members of the church. Maharashtra staff have also been meeting daily for a time of digital learning to upgrade their skills in handling various social media as well as utility apps.

Robin Matthew


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