Depicting an awe-struck miracle amidst the storm of uncertainty, the Career Guidance Orientation Program was held amazingly for God’s glory in Pastoral Centre, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh for north India during Feb 9-10, 2019 with 35 delegates from seven states (MP, CTG, PB, HR, RAJ, GUJ, OD).
The program was kick started with an insightful Biblical Basis by the MP State Secretary, Bro. Janga Yesobu, followed by the work in the field of AP & TS by DCG TS Secretary, Bro. Param Jyothi. Dr. Geetha Singh, a counsellor for past 40 years, one and the only Taxonomist of Agra city is an immense blessing to every student with her counselling sessions.

The Govt. of India officials came down to the students with a passion to lift them up. Mr. Ratna Babu, General Manager, BSNL, MP State, a 1995 IP & TAFS officer expounded the ways to understand and follow God’s will in pursuit of career; Lieutenant Colonel Binoj Koshy, Cyber Security, Indian Army explained the role of our personality in choosing Career; Mr. Raj Kumar, AD, MSME, GoI, a young dynamite has laid bare open all the career opportunities by the Govt. of India; And Mr. Yohan Daniel Pagare, Young Professional Cum Employment Officer, Min. of Labour & Employment, GoI boosted the students and assured his help in any Central Govt. Employment.

Mr. Peter Christopher, Secy. Career Cell, UESI-TN, a Management & Entrepreneurship Expert from Chennai trained the students in Interview Skills with practical tips along with a glimpse from Mr. Joseph Thomas, Zonal Sec, UP&CG. Mr. Sudhir Reddy, Tent Making Cell Secretary, UESI shared his burden for the Unreached North India. Mr. Rajesh Kshirsagar, Zonal Sec, &I/C Neighbours Cell concluded the program with a touching challenge from the life of Daniel.
Dr. David Sudhakar, NCG Cell Chair and Mr. Asir Thiagarajan, NEGF-Staff for CG Cell, laboured to make this program come true. Pray that the delegates to act on the inputs they have been given and serve the Church and Society in the days to come.

Mr. Param Jyothi, Director, CGOP 2019


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