We are glad that we planned separate gatherings for Students & Graduates, to have a better focus on the objective in the Annual Conference 2018. Our Graduates Conference happened during November 10th & 11th, Students gathering is planned in January 2019.

The theme of Graduates Conference was Marriage, Home & Children; 24 graduates and 5 children were part of this. Bro. Cherian Thomas (Chennai) facilitated during these two days.

It was a good time of introspection as Individuals, Spouses, and Parents. Each session was followed by a time of introspection and prayer. After a jam-packed schedule, we had a nice time of Q&A to clarify the doubts and know the opinions of some of the pressing needs. Pray that Graduates will be able to implement what they learned during these two days, and be better families and individuals in serving each other and in the ministry.

David Livingstone G, HEGF Secretary


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