When we heard that UESI has cancelled all the CMTCs we were devastated and when we heard that there will be an E- CMTC we were even more devastated. But with all the apprehensions we all logged into the historical event in UESI on 5th May to hear 43 participants from 15 different states of the country sharing about themselves and their experience with Christ. It went on for 7 days, from the 6th to the 13th of May.

The learnings were immense and so were the things unlearnt. From Genesis to Revelation, we tossed our Bibles and studied the Scripture. The doctrines were taught by covering all the ten doctrines. The devotions for the three days were on call to discipleship & leadership, servant leadership and successive leadership.

With his own life experiences he earnestly encouraged us, apart from the dance breaks, stretching sessions and nap tutorials. The exposition on 2 Timothy challenging us with the leadership qualities from the life of Paul & Timothy. The sessions on PBS and GBS actively engaged us with assignments, regular polls and idea board helping us to dig the Word deeply. We even enjoyed a virtual GBS! We had the privilege of hearing from the maker of PRISM , sharing its uses and working. Many of us were new to it and to those who felt it was a huge task to work on, we found it very easy on doing it after the session. We also had a session on study forums . We were truly inspired by the stories of William Carrey and Wilson Brand to passionately take up our academics and discuss them for the betterment of God’s creation.

Hear from some of the participants:
Eight days of learning through mutual sharing & unlearning, being inspired, making commitments and most of all growing closer to God through the fellowship with all the lovely brothers and sisters. In His time and provision, He has called us, opened our hearts and put us in various places to minister. I’m grateful to God for this humble experience.

The CMTC was a wonderful experience. I could learn about the qualities of a leader through the life of Timothy. I could also learn about the different ways of making our Bible studies interesting for our fellow brothers and sisters. Also, the practical questions that can be asked during GBS and the right way to take GBS both in evangelistic and believers’ group. Through UESI study forums, I could realize that even my studies are equally important. Through the different life examples, I have become encouraged to look out for a profession where I can bring a change.

Firstly, in PBS I always had confusions but after attending this camp, I’m clear about the method I should follow. Secondly, successive leadership- It helped me realise and know that if I really wanted to be true Christian leader, I have to sacrifice everything. Thirdly, sharing of the gospel in many innovative ways like games, paintings, dinner and through gospel adventure and many more. Other learnings include the doctrines, responsibilities of an EU member, hardship of leadership.

There were many things I learnt and some really impacted me and changed my perspectives on a lot of things. The true Gospel proclamation content- God’s love over Hell’s fear, the response of mine to the ones who I bring to the Lord and to the ones I nurture, my mindset- to do the things God asks for than clinging on the external issues like identity etc., were my key learnings.

E-CMTC 2020 was very helpful and an eye opener for many of us. The doctrine sessions helped me to learn more from the Bible and most of all I unlearned a lot of things regarding the Trinity and Holy Spirit. The PRISM was very new for me and I had fun knowing about it. From UESI handbook sessions I learnt more about EU groups, committee responsibilities. Devotions and Bible exposition helped me know about servant leadership and the qualities of a leader.

For some of us, CMTC was finally possible as it was from home and did not require travelling. However, needless to say we did miss a Kotagiri experience. With the seniors giving us a virtual tour of High Field, taking us on e-picnics and e-dinners, we would melt down. But as each day progressed, each short break had more people sticking around, sharing snacks, logging in earlier and enjoying a virtual fellowship. We shared and enjoyed in our small groups, played virtual games and prayed with each other. We thoroughly enjoyed an e-talent show and their short commercial breaks hosted by the seniors. On the last day, at the end of the sharing and our own innovative ways to thank our seniors, it was really hard for us to press the “leave meeting” button. Eventually, we all did. Amongst a pandemic, while some were giving online exams and some were having network issues, God provided a wonderful time of learning and fellowship. We haven’t seen most of us face-to-face, but when we do, we will remember all the amazing time we had together.

Jannie Sanjana S


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