What’s your credit score? What’s your generosity score?


Dear brothers and sisters
Greetings to you in the glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ

During this last month I got a few annoying SMS text messages. Messages like ‘Check your credit score for free’, ‘You credit score may change’, ‘Is your credit score good enough?’. Just in case you didn’t know, credit score is used by lenders or banks as one of the main factors in decisions to approve or decline loans. That means a good credit score will fetch you a good loan and vice-versa. Invariably, many of us without any debt will always get a good credit score and banks may offer you unsolicited loans at attractive interest rates. Be careful, think before you take loans. Just because they appreciate you and offer you at cheaper rates does not necessarily mean good for you. More often than not it is a trap and later can lead you into a debt trap.

However, what bothered my spirit was I started receiving messages like ‘Check your generosity score’, ‘Your generosity score is low’, ‘Is your generosity score good enough?’, ‘Do you want to know your generosity score?’ I was stunned and at the same time anxious and ashamed, to say the least. I lacked the guts to check my generosity score. Without wasting a moment, I just deleted all those messages. Why would somebody want to tell me my generosity score? It’s my personal score – how come it is publicly available? Who gave them the permission to check my giving? All these questions started popping up in my mind. But these messages did not stop and one day I garnered the courage and clicked the link and guess what? A large number in red stared at me and the words written below were “Your generosity score is too low – meditate on 2 Corinthians 8”

If you haven’t already guessed, what you just read above on generosity is a fictitious narrative and not true. Yet, I am sure you will agree with me there is so much truth in it! Isn’t it? How many Christians will end up with a high generosity score if the Lord were to reveal it? What if a heavenly agency were to really tell you your generosity score? Would you be pleased or embarrassed?

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! (2 Cor 9:15) whose generosity index no man can match. During this festive season, my hope and prayer for us is that our generosity score will go up and not down as we remember our Lord’s first coming. Wish you and your family a Christ-centered and generosity filled Christmas!

Before I sign off let’s go through the Financial status of UESI as given below:


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