What kind of a welcome will you receive ?


Dear brothers & sisters:

Greetings in our Lord’s name who is our Jehovah Jireh!

Last month when some of us from Finance Dept visited Shillong for a Treasurer’s consultation, a graduate couple invited us and some local graduates for dinner. They recalled fond memories of their experiences with Uncle PC Varghese and Uncle Satkeerthi Rao. Those days, students and graduates looked forward to their coming and I know they would have received a warm welcome every time they visited because of the impact they made in their lives. Uncle Satkeerthi went to be with the Lord last November and I wonder what a rich welcome he must have received in heaven! Especially from those who were saved through his ministry.

Do you have this question which I had? Will only Evangelists get a warm welcome in heaven? What about Christians like me who are not Evangelists? Although we share the gospel, we don’t see souls won for the Lord in hundreds and thousands like what we see in a Billy Graham rally. Well the answer is thankfully No, even others will get a rich welcome! Among other reasons, there is one that concerns your money. I know you guessed that, after all it is a Treasurer’s letter.
The Lord said in Luke 16:9, “I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.” (NIV) How do we understand this verse? Let me explain without getting into too many details.

The Lord was comparing Christians with the world and wanted us to be shrewd like the people of the world when it comes to money albeit in a different way. How is that? Well, shrewd Christians give generously to ministry where the gospel is shared actively. Because they give generously ministries like UESI can reach the gospel to unreached places and many will be saved. When these generous people go to heaven, they will receive a warm and rich welcome. Why? because they gave richly, the gospel reached them, and they were saved. They gave abundantly and invested in their lives and therefore eternal life. If I were to stretch my imagination, I would think, just like our EU committees, there will be a welcoming committee to welcome such generous souls. What about you, will you get this kind of welcome?

However, the opposite is also true. One can be opposite of shrewd ie. idiot, foolish and dull. Those who are foolish are careful and cautious when it comes to giving. They are calculative because otherwise their giving can affect their comfort, children’s education, grand wedding, investments and retirement. Such people will obviously not receive that kind of a welcome. I hope you and I are not one of these.

Friends, we are mere stewards in this world and this wealth we possess belongs to the Lord. Secondly, time is short, we don’t know how long we can give. We can choose to be either Shrewd or Foolish. There are few ministries like UESI who have impacted the kingdom of God so deeply and widely. I am a product of the EU ministry. Through your giving to UESI over these years, many souls like me have been won and discipled for the Lord.

I was thinking that someday I will be in the welcoming committee to welcome many in the EU ministry for sharing the gospel, discipling me and giving generously. But I wonder what kind of a welcome I myself will receive… what about you, what kind of a welcome will you receive?

Let’s take a few minutes in going through the details of the financial position of UESI and uphold this to the Lord in prayer. The deficit of Rs 76 lakhs needs to be cleared by end of Mar-2019.

We continue to receive less funds every month. Let’s pray that our contributions will go up

1. NPS and EPF are statutory payments and must be paid by Mar’19
2. Most part of Department expenses are towards Highfield for camps conducted. This can adversely affect Highfield maintenance if not paid
3. PTCM is scholarship for needy and deserving students. If you are burdened for students please earmark your contributions

Yours in His service
Franky Fernandes


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