What is your favourite number?

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Greetings to you all in the name of our generous Lord!
Two weeks back we had the National Consultation for Treasurers attended by 45 people, representing 19 states, including State-in-charge and State Secretaries. Besides the time of fellowship we had serious business transactions to discuss as Stewards of God, who have been entrusted with UESI finances to ensure we maintain proper books of accounts according to the law of the land. I just want to assure you that the money you contribute each month is accounted correctly and spent responsibly.
The consultation sessions included Devotions, Auditor observations, Auditor’s advice, Laws governing the Societies & Charitable Trusts, Need for compliance and Stewardship training models. One of the sessions that made a profound impact on me was the case studies we discussed during one session. These case studies were led by Bro Jose Thomas – Stewardship Training Secretary and Reji Daniel, my predecessor, who was the brain behind these case studies.
The case studies were thought provoking, in the sense they were personally relevant and challenged us to make changes to our current style of spending and giving. One of the cases was Master your credit card, lest it may be a visa to a debt trap. There was one on Investments and inflation, another on Spending and Stewardship. One that I found relevant and apt to our current times was on offers and numbers. How shoppers are induced into spending impulsively because of these offers like ‘Buy one get two free’, 50% discount, EMI payment in 12 easy instalments. If you would like to get hold of these and other cases studies on stewardship, please get in touch with Jose Thomas (96464-60010 ,  joseuesi@gmail.com)
These case studies seriously got me thinking of how many times I might have given into these temptations. I realized we give into these offers because its about receiving, getting, self-pleasure and indulgence. Do you remember ever giving into a temptation to give, give more than you should and break the norms of tithe, a word so dear to many Christians?
Well, we also looked at Stewardship principles where we learnt about godly Christians of yesteryears who gave into this temptation to give and give more. Author C.S. Lewis is known for 10-90i.e living on 10% of his income and giving 90% to charities in London. RG LeTourneau, Christian Inventor and Entrepreneur is also known for 10-90 who gave 90% for spread of the gospel. This also reminded me of the famous George Muller who lived on 8-92 – He gave 92%. They also had their favourite numbers but in giving. Truly, they gave into their impulse to give, probably they were even led to give thoughtlessly. Nevertheless, they gave generously. That made me rethink my own proportion of spending and giving, my own favourite number. Do you know what is yours?
The Macedonian church gave beyond their ability (2 Cor.8:1-5), so what number do we put there? Paul worked hard to supply not just for himself but needs of his companions, too. What number will that turn out to be? Finally what percentage did the Lord Jesus give? Before we find that out, let’s take a quick glance on the last month receipts and expenses and the need for Oct 2018.
 In addition, as approved by the board and informed at National AGM, we will be Implementing the revised staff salary for field and office staff with effect from 1st October 2018. Some states have decided to implement simultaneously. Please pray that God will continue to supply this step of faith that we are taking for better support to His servants among us. The national monthly requirement will go up by about 4L per month from October with this change.
Please take a moment to pray that in the coming months receipts may go up and the deficit will gradually go down. Pray and share the need locally and let our brothers and sisters know the urgency of the need.
So, how much did the Lord Jesus give? The Lord gave 100% so that we don’t suffer in eternity but will have eternal life. Any number less and we were all doomed to destruction. Let the Lord work in our lives and may we find our own favourite number and this is my hope and prayer that UESI ministry may never suffer because that favourite number was very low.
Yours in His service
Franky Fernandes

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