Walking in the Light Modinagar ICEU Discipleship Training Camp-2018


Modinagar Discipleship Training Camp was Pioneering/the first ever DTC in the Ghaziabad – Meerut belt of UP State which has many Universities/colleges and very high student populations in India. The camp held from 29th March to 1st April 2018 at St James Church School, Meerut. The Theme of the camp was, “Walking in the Light” from 1John 1:7.

A total of 31 people attended the Camp including 9 students, 7 single graduates, 4 families, 4 children, 2 staff families and 2 guest speakers. Apart from Modinagar ICEU students, there were students from Meerut and Noida as well. Students expressed their happiness at having spent some quality time listening to God’s Word and enjoying good fellowship.

Rev. Joseph Gosh has shared detailed devotion on the theme of the camp, Bro. David Dean and Bro. Rajesh Jana took doctrines. Various practical talks have been covered based on the current importance by staff and local graduates from Ghaziabad. Sis Shaila, Bro Ravi Kumar, Bro Prakash, Bro Prabir, Bro Srinivas Rao, Bro Jasper Holker and Sis Annie Joezac lead the practical talks. Many single graduates from Noida came as volunteers to help in the camp.

Bro John Holker, Bro Jasper Holker and Bro Naga Raju worked very hard and planned the local arrangements.
All the camp expenses Rs 64,940/- were met by the grace of God. All glory and honor to His name.

Bill Gates, Modinagar ICEU


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