Walking in the Light – Greater Noida ICEU DTC


We thank almighty God for helping Greater Noida ICEU to conduct DTC camp during HOLI holidays from 28th Feb – 5th Mar 2018. Theme was “Walking in the light 1 John 1:7”.

Out of 60 people who participated, 31 were students (14 from Greater Noida ICEU; 12 from Noida ICEU and 5 from Delhi). The camp catered to 2 sets of needs, both beginners and growing disciples.

Beginner’s DTC: The sessions were taken by various session leaders Richard Masih uncle (Devotions & PBS), Philemon Daniel bhaiya (Doctrines), Betty Philemon didi (Practical Talk), Annie Joezac didi (Practical Talk), Ashwathy Cherian didi (Doctrine, Practical talk), Binu bhaiya (Handbook), Joel George, student (Practical talk). Skanda was this DTC’s Student Director.

Deeper DTC: The sessions were taken by various session leaders John Victor bhaiya (Devotions & Practical talk), John Zachariah uncle (Practical talk), Ebenezer Julius bhaiya (Doctrines), Joezac (Bible survey), James Sebastien bhaiya and Vrindha didi (Missions). Raphael was this DTC’s Student Director.

Students were involved in coordination, leading, singing, cheering, anchoring, sports and serving food. Key leaders were Skanda, Sabitha, Neethi, Aashish Thomas, Sharon, Manish Thomas, Raphel Hans, William Carrey, Shani Thankachan, Rajiv Koshy, David Sahoo, Jacob and Rohit Taitas. Also, testimonies were shared by several Senior students and Graduates.

Graduates were involved in logistics, mentoring, 2-by-2, praying, movie shows, financial management, serving, etc. Our Senior Advisor, Ratna Raju bhaiya and Graduate Helper, Sudheer Mangam bhaiya were also deeply involved in mentoring and supporting in various ways.

Almost all students made commitments for a deeper walk with God. The Lord put the burden on many to identify spiritual mentors for themselves and committed themselves with their mentors.

Our total expenditure was slightly above the budget, but we ended with no deficit. Apart from student registrations and freewill offerings, our graduates from Noida and Greater Noida contributed generously by their self-willing pecuniary support. We also highly appreciate the amazing contributions of Ex-students of Greater Noida ICEU.

Raphael Hans, ICEU Secretary, Greater Noida


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