It is a dream of UESI leadership since many years to establish a ‘High Field’ like camp centre in North India and named it as ‘North Field’. The purpose of ‘North Field’ is to develop a peaceful spiritual sanctuary i.e. a beautiful camp center like High Field Kotagiri where people can come and relax and spend peaceful time with the Lord. This camp centre will be used for the states of North India for various state and national level camps, retreats, conferences etc. UESI National AGM-2018 anonymously decided to establish ’North Field’ in the vicinity of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. A team was formed by UESI Board to explore and select a suitable land in Dehradun. The team members of Uttarakhand could meet a couple of times for fasting and praying to seek God’s guidance in selecting a suitable land. After prayerfully exploring many lands, team could select a suitable and beautiful land on hills at Kimadi, near Dehradun on Mussoorie Bypass. UESI Board president, some staff and graduates visited the land and prayed and claimed it for UESI in the name of Jesus. This brochure is meant to communicate a brief details of this project to the constitution of UESI to pray and participate as the Lord leads.

For more details: Please contact Bro. Silas Kachhap (Chairman, North Field Project Committee), 07535050525. If God leads, you may send your contribution towards this project. Bank A/C details: (1) UESI National, SBI, A/C No. 10332929906, IFSC-SBIN0001515; (2) Uttaranchal EGF, UBI, A/C No. 306802010313821, Rajpur, Dehradun, IFSC : UBIN0530689

Praise and Prayer Requests:
Praise God for His guidance to team members to prayerfully select a suitable land for the North Field camp center.

Pray for

  • God’s supply of the needed finance (~3.2 crores) for the first phase of the project within 3-4 months.
  • Final legal verification, transfer and documentation of the land.
  • The owners of the land to willingly agree to accept all amount in the form of white money.
  • All units of UESI to willingly come forward and take part in the financial needs of the project which will be useful to all North India states.
  • God’s wisdom and guidance to North Field project committee members in further procedure of purchase of the land.
  • God’s guidance in phase wise construction and establishment of the North Field camp center.


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