UKEGF Annual Conference 2018 & Roorkee ICEU Ruby Jubilee (1977-2018)


UKEGF Annual Conference 2018 cum ICEU Roorkee Ruby Jubilee (1977-2018) was held from 1-3, September 2018 at SDA Inter College Roorkee. The theme of the conference was “Remember the past. . . Rejoice in the Lord. . . Renew the call. . . ” Joshua 24:17-18. Total of 130 people attended the conference. We were blessed to have the families of pioneers of the Roorkee EU ministry Dr. Eapen K’s family, Prof. John Zachariah’s family in the conference and also Alumnus Dr. Emmanuel Shubhakar’s family, many others. On 2nd September we had the Ruby Jubilee celebrations, remembering the past ministry through our alumni’s sharing and worshipped the Lord for His faithfulness.

We had different sessions like Mentoring, Personal Testimony, Open Home (It’s need & challenges), Bible Expositions and the devotions. Through all the sessions every participant was blessed and encouraged. Many people have renewed, rejoiced and made a commitment to serve the Lord through open homes, mentoring the students in their respective places. Before closing the conference, everyone was challenged with the final message by Bro. G. Sudhir (Devotions speaker) that “Take no rest and give the Lord no rest” (Isaiah 62:1-12) and to become a banner for all the nations. The Lord God gave good weather despite heavy rain prediction during the conference days in Roorkee. All glory to the Lord alone.

A. Venkateshwarlu, Coordinator, Annual Conference


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