UESI@64 – Let us celebrate the beauty of Bhakthi


“Listen to Me, you who pursue righteousness and who seek the LORD; look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn; look to Abraham your father, and Sarah who gave you birth” Isaiah 51:1-2

Beloved Brothers & Sisters,
Greetings . . .
18th September, the UESI foundation day is an occasion for us to remember our beginnings and also thank God for our founding fathers and mothers whom God used to plant the movement and make it grow in different parts of the country.

Today, as a movement exploded to all states in India, it is likely that we may forget the simple and unassuming settings that God has used time to time for the birth and growth of the movement. Therefore, let us take an intentional effort to trace back the beginnings (not just at Kasam, Vellore TN on 18 September 1954) but also the similar small beginnings as EUs and EGFs across the country. Let us remember with gratitude for the life and commitment of our pioneering staff, graduates and students whom God used to shape this movement as we see today. Let us to remember our past, recapture and remain in the vision for which God has carved us as a movement.

A close look at their lives, we can observe that they all were simple, ordinary and unassuming people with deep devotion to God. As a community, they found time for meeting often for fellowship, fasting and prayers, whole night prayers, prayer walks to campuses and city streets, book by book study of the scripture etc.. And their personal / family lives too were characterised by their Quiet Time, long hours of personal prayers, daily family prayers, open homes hospitality, personal study of God’s word etc… They were people of deep devotion to God.
Devotion (Bhakti) to God- that combines worship, enjoying a sense of belonging and relationship, restful obedience etc is an important aspect in life. The Bhakti (devotion) that would make our Quiet Times, personal study, relationship with others etc sweet and beautiful.

In a fast paced life, can we recapture Bhakti – deep devotion to God ?Often in our generation, we feel knowing / being well informed about God, and theology (through a variety of isms) etc are sufficient. But in that process, we are missing the beautiful relation to God through Bhakti.

Family prayers used to be the first thing in our graduate homes- early in the morning, with a beautiful hymn, a reading from the scripture and prayer to begin with, and also the last thing in our EGF homes in the evening before going to bed. Incidentally, I came across a few such homes recently – not from EGF though !!!! We may (out of our ignorance) call them traditionals today… But our founding fathers and mothers were Bhaktas like that.
In a world marred by the mess of a fast paced lifestyle, can we resolve to recapture a life of deep devotion to God? –“Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and IMITATE THEIR FAITH. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever” Heb 13: 7-8.

Pray for UESI Finances
Half Yearly Closing Scheduled for September 2017
Staff Travel & Reimbursements June & Aug (Kept pending for want of funds) 4.50L
Staff Future Benefits Q2 (July- Sept) NPS, PPF/EPF & Gratuity Reserve (Kept pending for want of funds) 19.00L
Training Department Projects (CMTC, NMTC etc) pending bills 9.00L
Monthly Staff Support and Regular needs of Aug & Sept 2017 42.00L
Pioneering States Support 5.00L
Other General Expenses 5.5L
Total Funds Required 85.00L

This month, September, we are crossing the half way through this financial year. And as decided at the UESI Board, we would like to do a half yearly closing without deficits. Let us pray that the Lord will send 85L required as above for the closing without any deficits. May I encourage all EUs and EGFs across the country to pray and catch up with their budgets to give for the respective states and National.
Seeking your earnest prayers and participation,
Joyfully, With you in Christ,
Reji K Daniel, treasurer@uesi.in


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