UESI Odisha Annual Conference 2019


It was a refreshing experience and a home-coming event to the 260 delegates from all over Odisha including 146 Students, 92 Graduates, 8 Staff and 14 Kids. at IMAGE, OUAT, Bhubaneswar from 5th Oct – 8th Oct 2019 on the Theme: REFRESH ODISHA captured from Acts 3:19 “. . . that times of refreshing may come from the Lord”

SESSIONS/TOPICS & RESOURCE PERSONS: The conference began with the key note address. Bible Expositions and Evening Devotions were handled by EGF member from Madurai as translated to Odia.

Other sessions included Practical Talks: Overcoming Addictions, Christian Excellence and Integrity, Knowing God’s Will for Marriage, Stewardship of Life, Time & Resources, Panel Discussions: Understanding Graduates, Students & Staff, Balancing Work, Life and Ministry.

Our prayer for every participant was, that through this conference, times of refreshing may come in our individual lives, EUs, EGFs and the State Unit. It brings me immense joy to mention that our Awesome God spoke to every participant individually through the conference and moved all our hearts to renew our commitments for the Kingdom of God.

Special program was conducted for the kids aged below 14 by Br. John Paul to engage them throughout the conference and teach them Godly principles through innovative and playful methods. The kids enjoyed a lot and presented songs and a puppet show on the concluding day of the conference

Reading the feedback from participants, we understand that God has spoken to each individual and challenged them in different ways to pursue Godliness, seek His kingdom first, realign their priorities and stand as a bridge between the lost generation and the throne of God. Many students have committed to grow in personal walk with the Lord by practicing regular Quiet Time, sharing the gospel with their friends and to make themselves available for ministry.

The interaction of students with students and graduates from different areas gave a lot of exposure. Many students who attended such a conference for the first time were very encouraged. I praise God that along with the word of God, almost every participant enjoyed and appreciated the facilities at the venue such as the AC conference Hall, seating arrangement, Food arrangement and accommodation facilities.

Best Practices which helped the conference:
50 Days Prayer schedule – We have learnt prayer moves the Hand of God. 50 days Prayer was organized with a prayer time of 10 min each day. Students and graduates within
UESI Odisha fraternity came together actively to pray over the 50 days and our God was gracious to hear us and bless the conference.

We thank and praise God for His amazing blessing that the seemingly colossal financial needs of the conference could be met before the end of the Conference. This was one of our earnest requests to God in prayer. God provided more than we imagined or asked.

Please continue to pray for us that we may bear much fruit and be able to reach out to many more

“untold” students with the love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Conference Director – 2019


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