UESI National Consultation on Finance & Compliances – Jan 2018


To discuss finance and accounting practices at UESI National and across states for compliances to the applicable laws of the nation for financial and legal integrity as a movement, the National Consultation on Finance & Compliances was held at Jeevan Jyothi Institute Begampet Hyderabad on 20-21st Jan 2018. 55 people participated representing 20 states.

The key resource person, CA Br. John Ravindran led the sessions detailing the compliance requirements as mandated by the government for NGOs, Societies, 12A organizations and also the care required for FCRA, IT, GST & various compliances required in the laws. The auditor’s findings on our previous years accounts was discussed with a call for improving. The doubts raised by the participants were clarified by the auditor.

Some of the key resolutions.

  • All active centres to have a bank account and max transactions (both receipts and payments) through bank.
  • To follow uniform policies in staff salary, staff retrial and welfare schemes like EPF, NPS, Gratuity etc across the nation.
  • Incorporating all EU & EGF accounts to the state accounts integrating all bank accounts in the state, giving utmost importance to compliances at all levels of receipts and payments.
  • Timely Submission of annual audited accounts for consolidation at National
  • One Tally rollout pilot project before March 18 & implementation in all the states from April 18
  • All State units to take stewardship training- teaching on training on earning, spending and giving on priority basis. Bro Jose Thomas (Secretary, Stewardship Training) will assist the state treasurers to train up and mentor the eu-egf treasurers in every state, to address modern pitfalls in spending (in the context of consumerism, hedonism, advance spending etc…)
  • All eu-egf treasurers to read “following the master” – biography of Prof H Enoch to have a firsthand knowledge of the emphasis on faith basis on finances.

Br. George Abraham (Chair, IT Cell led Devotion on 20th Jan and Bro Saji Easo (UESI General Secretary) led the devotion on 21st Jan. Bro. Reji K.Daniel (Treasurer, UESI) led the session on role of treasurers in developing systems for moving forward with financial integrity as a movement. And also the need of mentoring the young graduates and students concerning financial stewardship. Br.Vinoy Thomas (Chair, Audit & Compliance Cell) gave a recap of last year’s consultation and collated the urgent action plans for a better level of compliances as a mark of our integrity before God and the laws of the land. This will be circulated to all states. We thank and appreciate UESI TS team for hosting this program.

N Jayasheel,
Admin Secretary


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  1. Amitkumar Yashwantrai Christian on


    Greetings in the Name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    I am Amit Christian From Anand Gujarat

    I am working with Gujarat UESI since 1989 and right now also an active EGF member.

    I am in Hyderabad during 26 Jan to 2nd of February For VBS teachers training.

    I will be glad to see our fellowship in Hyderabad and wherever it is possible in nearby places to get encouragement from u regarding our fellowship.

    Hope to see u

    Amit Christian

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