UESI Mentoring Week


Attention EU Senior Advisors, EGF Secretaries, and EU Secretaries!

As circulated in the yahoo groups, UESI has declared 1-7, Nov 2019 as UESI-Mentoring Week to inculcate and indorse the concept of Biblical mentoring. Between June and October many new students would have been added to EU cells and November is very vital to connect them to a mentor. Jesus is the Master Model & Paul followed Jesus’ Model. Paul mentored young men, and Churches through mails, and personal visits. So, we can continue our mentoring throughout the academic year

Objective of Mentoring Week: Inculcate… Improve. . . Inspire . . .
To inculcate the Biblical pattern of “Mentoring” in UESI Constituency
To improve Mentor-Mentee bond and Graduate-Student fellowship
To inspire Sr. Students, graduates & staff to mentor students to cultivate Christ-like Character

Two-Fold Focus of the Mentoring Week 2019:

1. Mentoring Final year students and the National CMTC alumni of 2017 to 2019 for EU to EGF Transition
2. Mentoring Students on UESI Thrust Area for 2019-2021: Unity, Love and Prayer

Biblical mentoring (Mentor & Mentee):
God is the Chief Mentor: God mentors directly through the Scriptures and provides mentors & mentees for His Kingdom purposes;

Biblical Mentoring: Biblical mentoring is not Classroom teaching but a relationship with a purpose that is to make Mentee a Missional disciple and Disciple-maker through mutual trust and commitment. It is the celebration of sharing the life of God together by living alongside with lively interaction. It is not life-long commitment but long-term.

Heart of a Human Mentor: Human Mentor is, primarily a Mentee to God, Lover and sensitive listener to God’s voice, People-Person, gracious Listener, Giver & Investor. Human Mentor to produce Christ-like mentors. Human mentor needs to be aware of kingdom purposes

Personality of a Mentee: Mentee is born again, immature and imperfect with so many doubts and fears regarding Christian life & faith and Spiritual battle. The mentees to be open and teachable to discover their blind spots for mentoring provides the safe arena of love and correction. Both the mentor and mentee are called to seek the kingdom of God first.

Mentoring Topics: I. Right relationship with God & God’s people; II. Right Discipleship and Mission; III. Right Stewardship (Accountability); IV. Right Leadership

Contact for assistance:
M & C Cell Chair: 8592993355;
EU to EGF Transition Task Group Chair: 9497328791



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