• To plan and execute fiscal and administrative policies and tasks to ensures stable, efficient and effective functioning of UESI’s Finances (including Planning, Analysis, Budgeting, Fund-raising, and Accounting & Payroll) and Administration (including National Offices, Property & Assets, General Administration, IT & Networking, and Legal & Statutory).

1. To implement financial responsibilities of UESI-N including financial Planning, Analysis, Budgeting, Fund-raising, Donor relationship, Procurement, Auditing, Accounting & Payroll
2. To implement administrative responsibilities of UESI-N including effective functioning of National offices, general administrative tasks, development and usage of UESI’s properties & assets, IT & Networking and handling of all legal and statutory activities and issues.
3. Managing IT equipment/assets is within the scope and will be carried out by IT cell.

Historical Background:
God clearly led the founding fathers of UESI to adopt a faith based financial policy, which has a strong scriptural basis. There was definite historical background, which prompted them to agree unanimously for the financial policy. The following historical factors strongly influenced them to adopt this policy.
They had unshaken conviction in God and in His promises, that since God had lead them to initiate UESI to evangelize and disciple college and university students. He can be trusted for supply of all needs – “men and material” to fulfill this task.

Policy Statement
UESI looks to God in faith and prayer for the supply of all its needs. Membership fee will not be charged. Financial conditions and needs will be made known periodically to the EU/EGF members, the staff workers, partners, potential partners and those who ask for.

UESI maintains high level of integrity in all areas and especially in the area of finances. UESI will effectively utilize the funds received. For this purpose, the following procedure is being followed. The amount received are receipted promptly and acknowledged within a reasonable time. Funds received for various purposes are entered into the respective ledger head and such information is available with the office.
The amount received gets into the treasury of UESI and the treasurer is the custodian of the funds. The General Secretary and Administrative Secretary give the needed assistance to the treasurer to judiciously spend the funds.

UESI being the only registered body they alone have the legal standing to own properties. The Decentralized Units consequently cannot own properties and fixed assets. Accordingly, all land and buildings purchased by all the member units should be done so in favor of UESI. However, the user and beneficiary of such purchase is the member unit and hence they will raise funds and register the property in favor of UESI.
Nevertheless, development, maintenance, up-keep as well as payment of tax etc. to the local govt. etc. is solely the responsibility of the member unit which initiates the purchase. Though the member unit is responsible for the purchase, they will take tacit approval for such purchase from the UESI Board before such purchase move is initiated. No purchase of property will be initiated in any quarters without clearance from the national Board.
1) Provide F&A related functional support and best practices to State F&A cells:
(a) Develop standard Finance policies, guidelines, templates, etc. and circulate the same to State F&A cells and constituency, with recommendations for contextual customization.
(b) Encourage sharing of F&A related best practices between states – especially on teachings on Financial giving, handling finances at local levels etc.
2) Other Responsibilities:
a. Monitor and guide Cells/Task-groups that function within this Dept.’s scope.
b. Assist in the delivery of UESI Board approved projects (that are owned by other National/State Depts. or by external stakeholders) that need utilization of Dept.’s resources.
Liaison with other National Depts./State Units to ensure F&A related goals, activities, resources, communications, etc. are achieved

FAD has following Cells-
1. Audit & Compliances, 2.Property Cell, 3. PTCM cell, 4.IT cell, 5.Legal Cell. & 6. Stewardship Cell.

AUDIT & Compliances-
Facilitates FAD for defining and conducting internal audits of National and state accounts and practices.
Given top priority to streamline our accounting policies & procedures and compliances as required by the law of the land.
To help our State Treasurers,EU Treasurers FAD brought out Treasurer’s Hand Book which gives guidelines to Treasurers how to maintain accounts, Books of accounts,Audit of accounts.
All the states audited accounts are consolidated at National level and final Audited reports are submitted to AGM for approval, then submission of statutory returns as required to Registrar of society within three months of the AGM, Income Tax returns by Sept end every year and FCRA returns to Ministry of Home affairs by December end every year.
To bring awareness among the states conducting Treasurer’s consultation at National level,Zonal & State levels to train Treasurer’s on various accounting principles as required by the law.
As ministry is growing & our finances are also growing to meet the growing needs maintaining correct donors’ data base and minimizing anonymous contributions every month is a big concern, therefore it is requested to extend your help and support in giving the following details on the contributions sent for updating donor’s data base, and to account correctly.
Become a Cheerful giver—-for God loves a cheerful giver
Your Information is mandatory—-
Donor Name, Address, Purpose, Email id, Date of remittance, Amount deposited, Name of the Bank UESI HDFC/SBI. All your communications to be addressed to – contributions@uesi.in and contact no 9445431478.

You can make online transfer/NEFT/EFT or Cheques in favor of UESI.
Other FAD Cells Details will follow



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