UESI East Zone Treasurers’ Training


27 participants from 4 states (West Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar and Odisha) attended the East Zone Treasurer’s Training 2019 at Proggaloy- Pastoral and Development Hridaypur, Kolkata, from 28 and 29th September 2019.

The programme started with a keynote address by bro. Franky Fernandes, UESI Treasurer based on Matthew 25:14-30 describing how to be faithful in handling money entrusted to us as good stewards. He also handled sessions on Accounting and Compliance on receipts, payment, TDS, cash transactions, bank accounts etc. Sessions on UESI Treasurer’s Handbook and Role of Treasurers reinstated that the UESI members (students, graduates, staff) are expected to comply with the financial policy of UESI.

A session on Understanding the Law that govern the societies by bro. Rajesh George was an eye-opener. He also handled asession on Stewardship Principles (God’s ownership, our Stewardship, contentment, budgeting, giving to poor and pitfalls in spending) with case studies on Stewardship.Mr. Jayasheel handled sessions on integration, consolidation and centralisation of accounts and accounting formalities.

On 29th September Mr C.P Thomas led the devotion on faithfulness based on Matthew 25: 14-23 (to be a faithful Treasurer,in receiving, accounting, spending, reporting and promotion). Bro Jayasheel explained the Auditor’s observations and advice on UESI accounts. Mr. Shyam summed up and gave a concluding note.

Participants’ Comments:
“As a beginner, I am very happy and blessed to get this kind of teaching on giving, saving and managing the money” Newyearlin, Sikkim.
“I will encourage all members to give as much as they can for the Lord” Sunita Soren, Bihar
“Very blessed to attend this priceless meeting” Honey Jajo, Sikkim.
“This type of training should be in every state at least once in a year” Afira, Odisha
“Train Master trainers from each state that they can teach these practices to their local EU/EGF” EGF Member, Odisha

Sikkim State Treasurer


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