The UESI ministry in Delhi began in the early 1960s when Bro P T Chandapilla moved into the city. An EGF Bible study was started then. By 1967-68, this was regularly held at the YMCA. In 1970 the first EU camp was held and by August 1970 the Delhi EU was born, with EU cell groups at Lady Hardinge Medical College and St Stephen’s College hostels. The work was for a long time dependent on the EGF alone, with the first dedicated staff for the city in place only by 1979-80. By the late 1970s cell groups also began functioning in Indian Institute of Technology, RAKCollege of Nursing, the Indian Agricultural Research Institute and AIIMS. A few graduates also concentrated on students at Jawaharlal Nehru University. The UESI ministry in the city has grown over the years, with intervening periods of decline. UESI Delhi was decentralized in 2010 with Jeremiah Doumai as the first State Secretary and Cherian Thomas the President.

UESI Delhi field ministry covers the Delhi National Capital Territory having 26 universities and 272 colleges. The 11 districts of Delhi NCT have been organized into seven regions with 22 EU Bible Study Cells & ten EGF cells. Delhi has four affiliated EU/ICEUs of which two are defunct and three functional EU/ICEUs. Regular meetings of the EU/EGF are being held every month on a citywide basis every second Saturday at CNI Bhawan. We have about 208 graduate members and the active EU membership of around 143. Our Staff team consists of State Secretary Billy Sam Varghese, Betty Varghese, Leroy Sam Varughese, Jijo Rajan, Priya SL, Varun Tiwari, Ritu Tiwari & Narender Kumar. Devaraj Bathula and Anjali are expected to join Delhi Staff team in September after their sabbatical. A key means of communication between various stakeholders is the monthly newsletter called “Interface”. UESI Delhi State Thrust Area for 2017-19 has been “building relationship” which is being pursued alongside national thrust area of “mentoring servant leaders” with due emphasis in all the programs.

UESI-Delhi has been trail-blazing movement in UESI. UESI-Delhi through its path breaking initiative of engaging the whole university with the whole Gospel takes not just first aim UESI of Evangelism seriously but also other 3 Aims with due emphasis. UESI-Delhi’s activities does not just see proclamation of Gospel (evangelism) as an end in itself but we give due emphasis on making disciples by teaching them to obey all that the Lord has commanded in His word. UESI-Delhi’s wholistic and integral approach takes whole Great Commission seriously. This approach encapsulates the vision of UESI “Transformed Students Impacting the Campuses and the Nation as Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Our students are not just equipped on essential tenets of the historical Christian faith and they are not just equipped with skills to engage faith proclamation on their campuses but they are also most importantly equipped to read the world of their academic studies and university life through the eyes of Scripture, and respond to these realities as our Lord would. This campus-centric idea of Engaging the whole University had its origins during the tenure of our first State Secretary Jeremiah Duomai. He set the exemplary path in engaging the university by going back onto campus to pursue his PhD in Philosophy from Delhi University and currently pursuing his Post-doctoral research. The initiative took shape and was formally launched under the able leadership of his successor Sathish Simon who not only strengthened it but also popularized not just in Delhi but also in the rest of UESI. Engaging the University continues to be the flagship strategy under current leadership of UESI-Delhi. Thus, the strategic approach ministry of UESI-Delhi is not just geographic expansion and quantitative growth in the number of cells but also qualitative growth of our movement and its impact on the campuses, the national capital territory and the nation. With this emphasis our students began activities like, academic opening on 26th August, 2017 at Central DBF. This year 2017-18 five study forums were conducted mostly in central region where students and graduates presented papers on how their academic disciplines can be engaged from historical Christian faith.

Billy Sam Varghese, State Secretary


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