UESI Bible Refresher Course for East Zone


The UESI Bible Refresher Course for the East Zone was held in Kharagpur from 16th to 20th October. This UESI Study Centre-inspired event was organized for those who are eager to study certain advanced topics but are unable to commit to an extended course of time due to other commitments. The two topics chosen for this course were “The Essence of Christian leadership” and “Religion and Worldview”, the latter of which included Apologetics. Bro. Vijay Paulson (Bangalore) was the resource person for Christian Leadership, while Bro. Tejdor Tiewsoh and Bro. Daniel Thejus (Bobby) from RZIM (India) shared the sessions on Apologetics, Religion and Worldview. With eight talks scheduled for each topic, it looked a heavy four and a half days, probably more so for the resource persons rather than the participants! As it turned out, it was a rich time of learning together for all of us. The 17 of us (including 3 resource persons) came from a variety of backgrounds, diverse in age, education, profession and ethnicity. We spent four and a half days, quite away from our normal routines and demands, giving us time to fully engage with the topics and with each other.

Each day began with a time of worship through songs and a brief devotion. Bro. Arpit Khristmukti (UESI, Nagpur) and a few others led the devotions, carefully chosen to be relevant to the topics being covered. This was followed by four scheduled sessions, two from each topic. Bro. Vijay’s unique approach to his sessions on Christian Leadership challenged us (and toyed with us), causing us to think deeply. He brought out the distinctive qualities of Christian Leadership using examples from the Bible and his vast experience in the corporate world. Bro. Tejdor began with an introduction to Apologetics which formed the foundation from which Bro. Bobby discussed specific religions and worldviews. The underlying intention was to deepen our understanding so that we may present the gospel effectively to those around us. Each session was very interactive with discussions to flow naturally, with very real and practical questions being meaningfully addressed.

The time in between sessions was some of the best we shared together which made the term ‘resource persons’ took on its fuller meaning here as each of them was not simply a repository of knowledge. It was wonderful to encounter people who embody the very principles they preached with genuineness and humility. The hearty laugh, the soft-spoken nature and the infectious energy of the resource personnel remain with us, as much a part of anything else we enjoyed and learned, prodding us all on to Christ-likeness. The only complaint any of us probably had regarding the course was that it ended just a bit too soon for our liking.

Feedback from Participants

The UESI Bible Refresher course was extremely helpful for my spiritual journey. It changed my perspective of other worldviews drastically and also helped me view my faith in a new light and challenged me to grow in my personal walk with Jesus Christ.

It was really a spiritually fruitful time spent together in the presence of the Holy Spirit and to know His guidance and wisdom to experience His will, purpose and practical implementation of God’s word in my life in a more effective way with His wisdom and knowledge.

God has equipped us with the needed managerial skill and leadership in secular field but God wants us to be humble, obedient and completely dependent on Him for His mission. Times of discouragement and anxiety will come but God’s grace helps us to overcome all as when we are weak then God’s power works

Jacob Koshy


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