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Assam is a cute little State surrounded by lush greeneries and easy going super friendly people of different communities, different tribes and different languages living harmoniously.

UESI ministry began in Assam when Prof. Tali Alinger of Nagaland and Late Brother Lalmwia of Mizoram came to Guwahati University to pursue their higher studies in 1959. They had born again experience through EU ministry while Dr. John Moody was in Calcutta. In 1959 Dr. John Moody paid a visit to Shillong to initiate UESI ministry in North East where Prof. Tali Alinger and Lt. Lalmawia were able to contact him. Then Dr. Moody encouraged them to start EU in their University campus. As a result, EU was started in Guwahati University in the month of January 1960 with the initiatives of these two young men. Since then they met regularly for Bible study and prayer in the campus. One-day brother Bakht Singh visited and encouraged them to carry the ministry even to the other parts of Assam.

Dr. John Moody suggested prof. Tali and Lt. Alember Jamir to make a visit to Dibrugarh to initiate EU ministry there. Lt. Alember Jamir was one of the EU members in Calcutta when Dr. Moody was there. In September 1960 they visited Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh and stayed in a boy’s hostel for two days. During their stay many students committed their lives to Christ because of prayer and personal counselling provided by them. As a result of their visit the students expressed their desire to have EU fellowship for regular Bible study and prayer. After that in the presence of Prof. Tali Alinger and Lt. Alember Jamir the EU was formed officially in Assam Medical College where 8 students were present in the first meeting. Some of the earliest EU members were Dr Nongshi, Dr Zokhoma, DrLawma, DrSangi, DrLalnunmoi and Lt Dr H.V. Sakhrie.

After a few years the ministry spread to Jorhat, upper Assam. The Jorhat Evangelical Students Union (JESU) was formed in 1972 through the initiative of Dr. (Ms) Delphine G. Momin immediately after her joining the Jorhat Christian Mission hospital. After the formation of Jorhat Evangelical Students Union, students from School of Nursing, (JCMC) and Assam Agriculture University began to meet regularly for their Bible study and prayer.

In the later days this is how the UESI ministry spread to other unreached campuses of the state. In 1978 Diphu Government college EU was formed through the initiative of Dr. Viu Meru from Nagaland who came to Diphu for his official project. The Guwahati ICEU was formed in 1982 by those students who were mostly from non-resident colleges. The UESI ministry in Assam kept on growing even in the midst of challenges faced from time to time.

As the ministry was growing, the need of the formation of state EGF was felt by a few graduates. Brother Monoj Jacob an active young graduate from Kerala who was working in Assam took the initiative to mobilize it, along with a few graduates who were from Assam. As a result of it, in 1993 when Rev. Malsawma was in Shillong and Dr. A. K. Lama was staff in charge for both Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, the 1st State EGF conference was held in CBCNEI, Guwahati with a handful of participants. Some of the participants who attended the conference were Dr. M. L Das, Dr. John R. Sangam and a few more. Mr. Surendra

Parmar who was a national staff was the speaker for the conference.

Looking at the growth of the ministry the state committee felt the need of moving forward towards decentralization of Assam ministry. A series of discussions took place in various committee meetings and EU/EGF Annual conferences regarding the same. The state committee under the guidance of present president Lakhshi Kanta Muchahary brought the proposal looking forward to get decentralized by 2019 during the committee meeting held on 23rd June 2018. The proposal was approved by all the members of the constituency and the matter was taken up for further action.

A proposal, dated 28th August 2018 had been sent to Bro. Selvadurai, OPEC Secretary for necessary action to be taken for decentralization. As a result, Decentralization consultation was held on 16th& 17th of February 2019 at Diphu. A task group consisting of M/s Selvadurai, Satish Simon, Manimaran, Ivan Lyngdoh, Nehemiah, Moa Toshi and Lanu Tzudir, ZS, UESI- NE were present in the meeting. After the consultation the matter was placed before the national board and it was approved by the same. During the national AGM held in Hyderabad from 26th to 28th July 2019 the state of Assam was given recognition as a decentralized state under the UESI national. It was a moment of great joy for all of us to receive the certificate awarded by Dr. Himadri Sinha UESI president.

Assam has been divided into four regions Upper Assam, Central Assam, Barak valley and Lower Assam region. There is one staff based in each region. At present there are six staff including accountant cum office assistant. Currently we have 13 affiliated EUs/ICEUs and 17 functional EUs with more than 162 signed EU members. There are 8 EGF units with more than 47 EGF members. There are 10 universities and more than 290 colleges with approximate student population of 9.5 L. Out of 33 districts EU ministry is present only in 9 Districts. This throws a big challenge before us.
The present executive committee consists of President- Lakhshi Kanta Muchahary, Vice – President- Dr. Amitabh Baruah, Secretary- Dr Micheal Baghwar, Asst. Secy.- Monoj Das, Treasurer- Jabiskel Mirdha, Prayer Secretary- Lienlalien Halam, Executive members- Mr. BabysonTerang, Mr. SatyaTimung, Miss Arlene Daimari, Miss Adlin Soy, Staff representative- Mr. Protul Bania, Student Representative- Mr. Nabajit Joseph Rahi, Mr. ChingeKonyak and Mr. LangdilongSangtham.

Finally, we express our heartfelt of thanks and gratitude to God for His unfailing love and faithfulness. Even we acknowledge the tireless service of our pioneers, graduates and students who took pains to initiate the ministry in Assam. We would never forget the valuable contributions of our beloved staff workers Dr. A. K Lama, brother Tejdor Tiewsoh, Ms. Awon Shanglai, Ms. Awon Shimray, Mr. David Hininlo, Mr. Micky Laloo, Ms. Enolin Lyngdoh, Ms. Adaha Kayina, Ms. Amulin Lyngdoh, Mr. Nukshi Imchen & family, Mr. Protul Bania, Mr. James R. Debbarma, Mr. Kornelius & Kalpana Basumatari and also Mr. Olive Marian.

We know that many more challenges are still waiting ahead of us. But we have taken a big step of faith trusting God to carry the movement forward. We appreciate your constant prayer support toward the ministry of Assam as we all are co-labourers in the kingdom of God.

Kornelius Basumatari, State secretary,


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