The hot Gurugram was made cool when every AGM member and representative entered, because of the showers just at the right time! The SHOFAR Center in Gurugram, Haryana is the right choice for this year’s AGM as this center has the expected facilities for our gathering. The students, graduates and staff from Gurugram, Noida and Delhi took care of every need of the UESI Annual General Body Meeting 2018.

Key note address by Prof Ravikant Kant, Vice President of UESI and former President motivated everyone towards concern for student ministry as it made all the participants to look back and remember the legacy of UESI. Bro. Tejdor from RZIM (former UESI-NE Zonal Secretary) handled the Bible Study and devotional sessions which were very vibrant and relevant to the present-day context.

On the first day there was a presentation of all departments review and prayer. Seven Zonal Secretaries shared concerns and best practices from their respective zones. The Departmental Secretaries presented the highlights of their activities. A few new books were released including revised edition of Following the Master, Marks of a Fruitful Church (joint venture with Interserve), and the revised brochure in English. We also had a tract, book on Aims and 31 Devotional Guide in Hindi, released. Students and Graduates had the opportunity to meet as Students’ Council and NEGF Council at night for reviewing ministry among students and graduates respectively.

UESI Annual General Body Meeting’s business session commenced on 14th July with regular proceedings. UESI Board Secretary’s report, UESI General Secretary’s report, UESI Treasurer’s report, UESI Audited Statement of Accounts for the year 2017-2018, Budget for the year 2019-19 were presented, deliberated thoroughly and approved. UESI-Uttar Pradesh was declared as the 16th decentralized state on this day as approved by the AGM 2018. Key celebrations in this year’s AGM were honoring the Diamonds of UESI North West Zone, staff who completed 15 years of service with UESI and staff who are  retiring Mrs. Sasi Jebaraj (May 2018) and Mrs. Christiana Manohar (Dec 2018). We praise God for the 15 EUs / ICEUs affiliated this year!

The AGM approved Annual Plans, Annual Calendar of Events and UESI Board Slate for the year 2017-18 were accorded. UESI AGM appreciated the excellent work done by the outgoing UESI Treasurer Mr. Reji Koshy Daniel, the outgoing NEGF Chairman Mr. K. V. Christudas, Lady member Sis. Sudha Anand and the student members Drusila Basumatari and Sulay Baraiya of the UESI Board. Bro. Franky Fernandes has been selected as the new UESI Treasurer, Mr. Selvin Samraj as the NEGF Chairman, Mrs. Mercy Abraham as the Lady member and Pynshai Joel of NE Zone as Student member. We were honoured to have special invitees from Delhi. We also had the privilege of having representatives from our Professional Associates viz., EMFI, ENFI, and ETF and listening to their presentations. In addition, recently joined staff, the staff who are assigned with new responsibilities were introduced and dedicated during AGM.

The unforgettable hosting by the Delhi, Haryana and UP teams (triplets) under the dynamic leadership of Bros. Venkat, Mathew Babu, Ebenezer Julius, Dhan Mahesh, Rajesh Jana and a host of volunteers from Delhi, Noida and Gurugram deserve our applause. In all 280 members – 68 students, 152 graduates and 60 staff attended this AGM breaking last year’s record of 264!

UESI profusely thanks every student, graduate and staff who toiled for the success of this AGM!

T. Athma Soruban
– UESI Communication Secretary


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