Two Kingdoms – which appears bigger?


Dear UESI family:

Greetings in the name of the King of kings, our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

Matthew 6:33- This verse rings a bell, right? I know you are very familiar with this verse and probably know it by heart. The Lord brings up this teaching in the context of treasures, money and giving.
If you remember in my last two letters we touched upon the theme of money and its relationship in the life of a believer and its impact on Giving. I would like to continue the same theme!

The Lord knew lack of money and basic needs can be a major cause of worry. The Lord tells his disciples, therefore, “Don’t worry about tomorrow”. He then goes on to command them, a verse that is one of the popular verses of our time. In fact, as kids we learnt to sing this verse… “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”

We are super familiar with this verse but can we tell by certainty that this verse is soaked and simmered in our lives that we live this verse? What does it translate to when we live this verse? Those who live this verse, give priority to God’s Kingdom and as a result contribute generously and they become God’s priority and he gives what they need in this lifetime. That needs tremendous trust in God!

If you read the previous verses the Lord is telling his disciples, don’t worry about food and clothing, the basic needs that generation struggled for. For today’s generation he might tell something like, don’t worry about buying a house or property, don’t worry about Children’s Schooling and future, don’t worry about your Career & Success, your Standard of living, your Retirement – Isn’t what this generation Christians are worried out? But instead the Lord is telling us, Seek His kingdom first, give priority to things of God (including Giving), these things that you are worried about, God will give you if that’s what is the need!

If you observe in your life carefully, whatever is your worry, money and attention get directed to that. For example, if you are worried about owning a house, you will do whatever to own that house and spend time, energy and money to achieve that. So, bigger the list of worry, higher our spending on those things and naturally it affects our giving.
What are your list of worries where your money goes? Check if that makes you hoard wealth and not give as much as you should? The more we are worried about this kingdom, Earthly kingdom appears big and God’s kingdom appears small. Our wealth is directed in the kingdom that appears bigger.

Which kingdom appears bigger to you? Earthly or God’s kingdom?

• Total need in Nov is unprecedented Rs 1 crore 36 lakhs
• Apr to Oct the accumulated short fall is Rs 91 lakhs
• At the time of writing, we don’t know if we will have sufficient money in the bank to pay Staff Salaries
• This year in Nov we have National Planning Conference – total budget 6.9 L and need is 3.7 L after considering registration.
• As stated, earlier, our monthly income cannot even meet Staff Salaries
• May I request You, the reader, uphold this matter to the Lord who is faithful and also share to every EU, EGF member you know – share this letter

Yours in Him,
Franky Fernandes
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