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The first ever State Committee Orientation Programme was held on 10th & 11th of March 2018, at Agartala, in Tripura State with 30 delegates. The program started with worship led by Br. Suman Debbarma and team.

We learnt the importance of ministry governance through stewardship, with Responsibility and Faithfulness. The sessions made us to reflect on our attitude and to re-commit as committee members. The resource person Bro. J. Selvadurai, UESI Secretary of Organization Planning and Evaluation Cell (OPEC) highlighted about UESI Governance and Structure, as a board member, how to balance Three Important Relationships (Stakeholders, Board Colleagues & Management), Roles and Responsibilities of Individual Board Members, Three Hats of a Board Member and Return on Investment (RoI). The sessions on Vision and Mission statements of UESI helped the participants to set new milestones to achieve the same.

A statement by the speaker, “UESI is not your own property, is not your father’s property, but it is God’s property”, alerted all the participants. Sessions on Group Bible Study on Acts (15:1-31) from EC-meeting point of view and all Case Studies were excellent and we learnt how to conduct EC meetings effectively.

Orientation with suitable games helped the participants to learn the essential features to achieve the milestones as a team. The participants learnt from the games about team-work, planning, unity, time consciousness, patience, dedication, initiative, aim, optimistic, confidence, unity etc. Through this programme we learnt and were motivated to make efforts and set things right to achieve the vision and mission of UESI in Tripura State. The program ended with Dr. Ganajit Debbarma’s prayer. Brother Alfred Valui (State Staff In-charge), Sis. Ringmi Valui(Staff), Coordinators, EGF State Committee, EGF members and EU Committee members were present in the program.

“Learnt about Leadership, More clarity of our Roles.” Ezekiel.
“Not only being efficient but also being effective”. Kim Simte.
“Liked the elaborate explanation of duties; Succinct and significant replies to every query”. Tushipokla
“Learn and lead; importance of taking Self-initiative; Better Communication”. Dr. Ganajit.
“I am more clear about the roles of leaders; Liked the clear teaching regarding every point. Liked the games that came with practical teaching” Mampi

Kiran Kumar K, UESI-NE Tripura.


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