“For all the people has been weeping as they listened to the Words of the Law”. This dramatic and moving scene which is recorded during the days of Ezra and Nehemiah is repeated at the dawn of the New year in our State conference.We heard God’s thundering voice through his servants Mr. Tejdor Tiewsoh and Mr. David Rajkumar. 2200 delegates were spell bound at the majesty of God and committed their lives in a special way. The theme of the conference ‘Unity, Love and Prayer’ was emphasized in a powerful way in all sessions. Apart from main messages, we had 3 plenary sessions and 15 seminars and all resource persons did a marvelous job.

Inspirational singing coupled with mesmerizing music has lifted our hearts and we felt heaven on earth. Few legends shared the background of their songs and motivated us sing and rejoice in the Lord. UESI diamonds of Telugu States were recognized and their enduring commitment to the Lord and to the ministry challenged all of us. Children program, introducing office bearers and staff, 4 minutes video on history of study centre, choreography by students are some of the highlights of the conference. We sold books worth of 5 Lacs and 800 T-shits with conference Logo. This is our second Triennial state conference after the formation of Telangana state and though it demanded laborious work, it left imprints that will last for a long time.



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