The best that money can buy is “MORE MONEY”?


“We crave for things we neither need nor enjoy. We buy things we do not want to impress people we do not like. It is time to awaken to the fact that conformity to a sick society is to be sick” Richard Foster (Celebration of discipline)

Beloved Brothers & Sisters,


A few days ago, I saw an advertisement in a daily “the best thing money can buy? MORE MONEY!!! With the 7th Pay commission bonanzas (that’s being described by some as “into the 7th heaven”) people are indeed puzzled on what can multiply their riches. What is the best investment etc…? But is it that the best thing that money can buy is “MORE MONEY”?

Investments, multiplying the riches and leaving that as a legacy for the next generation to inherit, is the norm of the day. Some of the calculations go well in terms of the expected returns. And some end up in losses / no returns. With inflation inflicting the value of money, beyond all predictions, what will be the value of the “MORE MONEY” that one can “hope” for at “maturity” is indeed a puzzling deeper question.

How much should we save? How much should we spend? How much should we give? These questions can’t be answered without a clear perception of whose money is it anyway?

In Luke 15, Jesus told the parables of the lost coin, lost sheep and lost son to justify Himself on his spending habit- feasting with tax collectors and sinners. And in the parable of the lost son (we call “prodigal son”), we find the elder son a carefully spending, hard working person, refusing to understand why the father is “spending / feasting”? And father pleading with him “we have to celebrate”( Luke 15:32), and through that parable justifying his priority for spending for inviting many people to His fold and celebrating the reunion / redemption of people back to God.

Are we willing to spend, for seeing more people in God’s Kingdom? Or are we like the elder brother, working hard to amass more wealth, probably without even recognizing that God has entrusted us with wealth to enhance / celebrate relationships.

These festive months, especially with the 7th Pay Commission bonanzas, let us be wise investors for God’s kingdom.

Let us also remind each other of the needs of God’s ministry. We entered the second half of the year with a huge shortfall. Let us pray for God’s mercies that more of our people will be sensitive to the needs of God’s work.

As the Staff Salary correction is due in October 2016, it is essential that we move on from this month without any shortfalls.

Also, by the turn of the year, we would require about 20L for TRISCON- 2016, the Triennial National Staff Conference. Let us prepare to support the unique blessed time our staff across all decentralised states are looking forward to from 27th Dec to 1st Jan.

During these months of Sales and offers all around, let us encourage our community to pray and participate in these needs of the house of the Lord.

Seeking your earnest prayers for the clearing of shortfall, regular monthly needs of October and the forthcoming need for the TRISCON.

With you, in Christ,
Reji K Daniel


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