A desperate call for consistency!!!


“But you, man of God, flee from all these and pursue righteousness, Godliness, Faith, Love, Endurance and Gentleness. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF THE FAITH. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses” 1 Tim 6: 11 – 12

Beloved Brothers & Sisters,
Greetings . . .
Last month it was my joy to write to you with thanksgiving for the overwhelming response that came in during the month of March (about 80L in a month) to close the year without deficits. Surely it is His amazing grace and mercies that worked, enabling us to close yet another year without any deficits. But April 2017 didn’t go well, as low as 15L received against the average budget of 48L !!!
It is the season of IPL, sixers and fours in the last over gives a thrill in the end. But that’s not the case we should pursue in ministry. Off late, it is quite unfortunate that we are moving with such a stigma about our financial inflows. We need your support to change this. Yes, this is a desperate call for consistency.
We have a staff Team of 135 members at National (excluding the staff of our 14 decentralised states). Most of our National Staff is working in the non-decentralised states, the neediest pioneering areas. The Staff Support need alone is 33L per month at National, including the staff salaries, House Rent, Staff Travel etc. And we can’t afford to put staff salaries on hold.
Training projects are strategic to the future of our movement. This year too, over 240 students are getting trained in the 15 days of intensive CMTC. The expense per student is Rs. 7500, while the students are scheduled to pay only Rs. 2500 (That too the local EGFs are asked to step in to help those who require and also their travel). So of the 18Lacs CMTC project, only 6Lacs is expected as scheduled supply. Remaining 12L, the subsidy has to come.
The same is the case with our two NMTCs, and other national projects. We can’t afford to put these projects on hold for want of funds.
UESI Board, while approving the provisional budget for 2017-18 has resolved as follows.
There is an urgent need to give a focused approach on FINANCES. The ministry growth pace can’t be sustained without a growth in giving.
* Active participation is no more an option. All ICEUs /EUs should talk about UESI finances (their local, state and national) and practice a functioning with a budget. Students to popularize fasting prayers, SaM (Skip- a-Meal) etc for mission needs
* Each EGF to work with a budget (for their LOCAL, their STATE and the NATIONAL and actively promote and monitor the budget
* Each active graduate to consider introducing / mentoring a minimum TWO NEW GIVERS (new graduates / graduating students) to be REGULAR in Giving for UESI . And thereby each EGF to double the giving community in 2017-18
* Each EGF to consider training in giving, equipping the UESI community to address consumerism, hedonism, advance spending etc that is gripping the society.
* Staff –Zonal Secretaries, State Secretaries and Senior Staff to engage in training Stewards- ICEU Treasurers and EGF Treasurers need mentoring and training
* Formats for budgeting, formats for prayer cards , prayer maps etc can be provided

Let us strive together to double our giving community during this year. May I request all Local EUs and EGF across the country to take a special effort for that? And I am sure that will help our movement at all levels- Local, State and National.
Last month, I wrote on the theme “Hello, 20X40 Window, are we missing in MISSION”, quoting the learnings from our elders in their younger years. Thanks so much, several of you who took serious note of it. And let us take efforts to encourage more of our young graduates in active participation in mission. Not just financial, but also essentially to be with the students, being with them in their journey as Disciples of Christ and praying and dreaming more for His Kingdom. In UESI, we have lot of opportunities wherein we are looking forward for the involvement of our 20X40s. Let us have special meetings for them to channelize their participation in mission.
Let us pursue to be like Paul, as in I Tim 6:11-12, being in and inviting more people to the journey of faith, learning to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH, with no room for complacency. Yes, let us be consistent in our journey of faith- living and giving !!!

As we enter May 2018, we seek your earnest prayers for the following

Budget 2017-18: Our provisional budget for the year 2017-18 as approved by the board calls for 5.5 Cr at the National. This calls for 46 Lacs per month, an increase of 18% from the last year’s. PLEASE PRAY AND PARTICIPATE

All ICEUs and EGFs across the country to operate with a budget for ministry at Local, State and National.

Pray for UESI Finances May‘17
Shortfall from April 2017 18.00L
Staff Travel & Reimbursements- April 2017 3.00L
Training Department Projects (CMTC, NMTC etc) 18.00L
Monthly Staff Support (May 2017) 33.00L
Pioneering States Support 2.00L
Total Funds Required 74.00L

Audits and Compliances requirements of the financial year 2016-17. Seek support from all units to submit the accounts statements with supporting vouchers to their states and States to submit the audited statements to national for onward integration with the national accounts. Please pray for the process.

Seeking your earnest prayers for the year end activities,
tIn Christ, In His Mission,
Reji K. Daniel


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