Treasurer Letter – Let us pray for our nation all the more


Beloved Brothers & Sisters,
Greetings . . .
15th August 2017, we are completing 7 decades as independent India and entering the 8th decade. In my last letter I have written of a number of God’s people likeRaja Sir Harnam Singh(father of our first health minister Rajkumari Amrit Kaur) KT Paul, Bishop V S Azariah, Bishop Jashwant Rao Chitambar, Bepin Chandra Sircar, Bishop Abraham Marthoma and so on who loved this nation even during the pre-independent period and contributed significantly to the nation building. Let us be inspired by this (and many more) cloud of witnesses and re-dedicate ourselves to the Lord’s work in our country as we enter our 8th decade.
The biblical characters like Joseph, Danieland Nehemiah are outstanding examples in nation building even while they knew that they were sojourners in thoselands. They got involved in the affairs of the land with godly thinking and a deep sense of stewardship. They became channels of God’s wisdom to the Kings and emperors that they served. Their skilful governance with godly wisdom, prayer life thirsting for the fulfilment of God’s plans and servanthood that they practiced at office are compelling models that calls us for a deeper involvement in our own nation.
Can we pray and involve in the progress of our nation like these all-time heroes of faith? Our dear India needs people of God across the country (may it be rural or urban) to stand in the gap, pray and involve.
Our dear nation India (that will become the world’s most populous nation in the coming 8th decade, by 2025) is pedalling with lot of grave concerns. For instance-unemployment. The fifth annual employment-unemployment survey 2015-16 (downloadable from GOI for our prayers and involvements) conducted by the labour bureau reveals the following disturbing information

  • At the all –India level 77% of the households reported having no regular wage/ salaried person.
  • Only 60.6% workers were able to get regular work throughout the year.
  • More than the availability of jobs, the kind of jobs people have to live with, also is a concern.
  • Of the total employed, 46.6% are self-employed, 32.8% are casual labourers, 3.7% are contract workers (thus a majority 71.2 % are not covered in social security benefits, while living in below 10K per month salary range). Only 17% are regular wage /salaried.

As employment opportunities and employability of people are the key channels through which the growth of a nation translates into sustainability and quality of living, as God’s people, we should get concerned about it and get involved. The government plans like SKILL INDIA – Kaushal Bharat- Kushal Bharat needs a passionate involvement. Let us pray to the Giver of all gifts and talents that in true sense our dear India will be known for her skills, gifts and talents

Similarly, the concern for a cleaner India as evidenced by the SWACHH BHARAT initiative calls us for a passionate participation as a measure of our commitment to stewardship of the land. A God’s people, how can we be insensitive to the increasing pollution that will leave many of the cherished places as unliveable in the near future? 

And as God’s people in the land, we should continue to pray for a SWASTH BHARAT- an India that will experience shalom peace and harmony among the different languages and cultures. We have several tension areas and threats as a country. Let that be a concern close to our hearts with a commitment to pray and involve like the people of God in the yester-generations.
July 2017 was indeed a happening month in UESI. Though the AGM was held in the south-end of our vast country, God gathered over 250 participants representing 25 states of India… It was indeed a moving moment when we all came together around the Lord’s Table as a community of representatives from different languages and cultures of our dear India.. PRAISE GOD.

July 2017 also so the conclusion of 6 of our National CMTCs- about 200 students trained in the 15 days’ intensive training, equipping our student leaders to be students of Student Initiative. This year on, the 15 days foundation curriculum will be followed by a year-long continual studies/ exercises and ministry projects that the students will do along with a campus ministry mentor. Praise God for the Team CMTC 2017 (Sis Jessy, the national co ordinator, the 6 CMTC directors, over 36 staff / staff families that stayed along, and several graduates and staff who served in the resource teams). It was my privilege to join Two CMTCs this year for a few days.. I was quite encouraged to see the enthusiastic students…. PRAISE GOD!!!

At AGM, the Budget 2017-18 was approved. Praise God for our yester-years, every year ending with surplus and PRAY for 2017-18 that God will lead the way for this year too as we look at a national budget of 5.87Cr ( 49L per month). Yes, He is the same unchanging Jesus… He has been with us when we were @13L/ month in 2011-12 and over five years @39L/ month in 2016-17, last year as we see the graph. 

Let us look to the Lord in prayer for these…

As we enter Aug 2018 to the secondmonth of the second quarter of this financial year, we seek your earnest prayers for the need of 81L this month to move on to September without deficits. The average inflow in April- July was very low @ 25 lacs per month against the need of 36L per month (excluding ministry projects). So, currently we are at an accumulated shortfall of 45L!!!
The Board has decided to initiate a half-yearly closing this year in September. We will get back on exact needs (including the ministry projects) soon.

Seeking your earnest prayers,
Joyfully, With you, in Christ,
Reji K Daniel

Are we in Deficit?
Yes, we are!!!… And we seek your prayers

At AGM 2017 at Trivandrum, it was a moving moment when Sister Wellorich Sokhelet (President UESI- Meghalaya, formerly Treasurer UESI- North East Zone) came forward to conclude the Two/Two praise-prayer time when we heard of God’s amazing provisions as we see in the audited consolidated statement of accounts 2016-17 that showed over 12 Cr receipts (as in I&E statement) ie a Godly provision of over 3.2 Lacs per day in the last financial year.
This has been the story of UESI thus far. Announcing the vision, sharing the needs, praying together, involving together, experiencing His provisions and Praising God together.As the movement is growing, praise God for His amazing provisions in finances for all that we have asked in faith..
Offlate, while passing on the information on financial needs and short falls there has been quite a lot of discussions. How come there is deficit? And that too in tunes of lacs !!!!The concern is genuine and let me put some of my thoughts here. Financial deficits in a faith movement is a symptom of several other deeper deficits. May I suggest a few of the several such deficits?
1. Information Deficit: The faith basis calls for sharing of information on the needs of ministry. We had a culture of reading our newsletters, seeing the local city maps, state maps, national map, world map etc.. Are these with each of our students, graduates and staff? It is information that leads to intersession, introspection and involvement. I observe a huge deficit of prayer letters and prayer maps
2. Prayer Deficit:Progressively the next level of deficit is PRAYERS.. Are we really PRAYING? Let us remember that we have been a movement fuelled by faith expressed in prayers – personal prayers, EU-EGF prayer and most importantly family prayers, remembering the ministry needs, praying with prayer maps.. Another area of huge deficit.
3. Involvement Deficit: The movement need to grow with more INVOLVING GRADUATES , STUDENTS and STAFF, willing to go regularly to campuses , run open homes for students, run home camps and so on. Or are we among an increasing tribe (worldwide), U do the ministry, I’ll fund you!!!). If UESI has never depended on funding agencies (in India or abroad), it is only because of our legacy that students, staff and graduates were INVOLVING deeply for with the students.
4. Life deficit: Our first General Secretary Rev PT Chandapilla used to say “Jesus Christ can be proclaimed only through a LIFE” ALIFE that validate the message that we proclaim , calls for more time with God (QT, PBS etc in particular), more time with people, sacrificial living sacrificial giving…
5. CC Deficit: (Cost Control Deficit). Often when our vision is limited, we may spend without a care for other needs. It can happen in our personal lives more than in ministry. However, even in ministry, it is important for us to be cost conscious to the core, ensuring that God’s money is pend in God’s own manners. One of the heroes of faith Brother Hudson Taylor said “God’s work done in GOD”S WAYS, will not lack God’s supplies. When we see a deficit in this area let us offer more cost conscious ways.
6. Trust Deficit: UESI, like other faith movements is a fellowship that moves with a bond of love and trust among the members. As we grow, let us take an earnest effort in improving our trust, love and respect for people across the country and among our stewarding teams. Locals to districts to regions to states tozones to national, God has put us as ONE body to trust and work together. Let there be no trust deficit among us.

Finally there is an awful potential of FAITH DEFICIT too. As the movement grows let us move with the same ethos, of “expecting great things from God and attempting great things from God. When we pray with our news letters, prayer maps of the city, states and national, let us courageously ask for more – for the glory and honour of His name in our generation. If we limit our vision, activities, staff appointment etc to the extent of our assured financial provisions, probably, we will be led by what money we have (and not by the faith). Let us continually improve our faith quotient…
Joyfully, with you in Christ
Reji K Daniel


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