‘Transforming Graduates’ West Bengal EGF Annual Conference 2018


The west Bengal EGF conference 2018 was held at Dhyan Ashram, Kolkata with 55 EGFs and 17 children Participants with the theme “Graduates-Transformed to Transform Students”. The resource persons for the conference were Dr. S. Vasanthkumar and Dr. Mercy Pushpalatha active EGF members from Madurai.
Dr. Vasanth shared from the life of Abraham, Issac and Jacob (all sinners and liars at some point of their life) how God transforms worthless people like us and how he also wants us to be a transformative agent in the life of others. In another session, he also shared how True wisdom is much more about how we relate with people more than how much abstract ideas we can think. Dr. Mercy gave valuable insights upon “Journey towards spiritual Maturity” and prepared us to face struggles of life confidently. She also talked about “Missional Family” explaining how husband and wife or the family has to be on the same page when it comes to missional involvement. The couple were true to their teaching profession and they taught us with much lucidity, authority and grace. John Jebaraj James, the East Zone Coordinator of UESI, also took us through the life journey of Prof. Enoch, which challenged and encouraged us as each stage of his life and ministry unfolded. He also gave an overview of the Mission in India, with a renewed thrust for involvement.

The conference witnessed the release of Bangla translation of “Witness for Me” named “Amar Sakkhee”. The WBEGF shared their gratitude to Tuticorin EGF for the financial help rendered towards its translation. The group of EGFs and staff working among Bengali speaking students also shared the need for more literature in Bangla and on that line, they explained how they have plans to start a magazine in Bangla. – Philip Maikho, the State Secretary, also presented a report on the growth and challenges of the ministry in West Bengal.

Bro. Santosh, a Graduate working in Bangladesh also came and shared about the work and prospects in Bangladesh. Separate programmes were also organized for the children.

The conference was indeed a blessing, transforming us with much deeper hunger for intimacy with God and renewed wisdom for meaningful relationships. It also instilled the need for greater involvement and more engagements to transform ‘undeserving’ students and friends just as Christ continues to engage and transform us even when we are found much wanting.

David Hanneng


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