Training Department


Department’s Mission & Scope
To facilitate effective teaching and training (of repeatable nature) that will equip the UESI constituency to serve the students community, church and society with a Biblical world view, cultural sensitivity and contextual relevance – in line with the vision, aims and core-values of UESI.

To be the teaching & training wing of UESI that maintains a framework for repeatable training needs, develops resources required for contemporary teaching/training and facilitates all repeatable training events

Name of the Cells/TGs functioning under the Dept:
“Bible Teaching, Evangelism & Missions, National CMTC, Women concerns cell, National Staff Training & Hindi Training Cell

Mission Cell: 1. Dr. Moses Inbaraj, Graduate In charge, 2. P. John Jebaraj James, Staff In charge, 3.Raj Bahadur, Graduate, 4. Dr. Kevi, Graduate, 5. Prakash, Graduate

CMTC Task Group: 1. Jessy Jacob, CMTC Coordinator, 2. Dr. Chacko Jacob, 3. J Satish Kumar, Student Member
1. Saji Easo, GS UESI
2. Manjula Lazarus, FSS UESI

Functions and activities:
(a) Scheduling and conducting repeatable teaching & training programs of National scope, especially within National Focus Areas as mentioned below:
o Bible teaching
o Contemporary ministry skills required for UESI constituency (for students, graduates and staff)
o Life skills training (for students, graduates & staff)
o Missions
(b) Preparation of material/content for books and audio-video related to Teaching & Training is within scope
(c) Developing and circulating standard curriculum for local/state level EU & EGF programs

Major activities carried out in a calendar year are the following:
• Committee Members Training Camps:
• National Missions Training Camp
• National Missions Conference
• Student Volunteers Programme & Graduate Volunteers Programme
• Bible Study Centre
• Staff Training
• Homiletics & Hermeneutics Workshop
• Creative Bible Teaching Workshops
• Bible Refresher Course

Development of ‘Resource Materials’
• Handbook on Missions
• Mentoring (in synergy with NEGF)
• CMTC Workbook in English & Hindi
• Materials on AIMS, Core Values in English and Hindi
• Bible Study Syllabus in English & Hindi
• Syllabus Manual in English & Hindi
• National Resource Persons Data base

Coordination between State Departments & National TD
• To be in regular touch with state TD through mails and participating in their activities
• TD to develop Hindi Training Cell and ensure its functioning
• Facilitate training activities across the constituency
• Regular visit and interaction with different state Training Department Committee members

We covet your prayerful support for the activities of the Training Department.

Thank God for,
1. Regular programs and participation across the constituency
2. Streamlining of EU syllabus and Bible Study syllabus
3. CMTC & NMTC workbook as follow-up material for the participants of CMTC & NMTC.
4. Successful completion of translations of materials

Pray for:
1. Systematic follow-up of all the programs
– CMTC & NMTC: Participant follow-up to be systematic and disciplined.
– Larger participation for programs like Bible Study Centre, CBTW & Expository Preaching workshops
– Evangelism & Mission programs: Availability of participants and young students & graduates to respond to the mission challenges
– SVP & GVP to be more beneficial
– NMEEP: National Mission Exposure & Expedition program to be developed
– Formation of Mission Interest Groups in different states
2. Development of new resource persons:
– Expository preaching
– Creative Bible teachers (group bible studies)
– Hindi native leaders
3. Development of Resource materials:
– Ongoing translation of Christian Doctrines, Witnesses for me, mentoring to be completed

Jacob Varghese, Training Secretary, UESI


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