TO PREACH CHRIST – Evangelism workshop


Evangelism Workshop was held in Ranchi 24-26 August. The programme began with worship led by Bro. Momoson and Bro. Prem Murmu. The keynote and orientation was addressed by Dr. Manin Tigga (Director of this workshop). 15 young graduates and students from Bihar and Jharkhand participated in this workshop. The theme was “God set apart…from mother’s womb…to preach Christ among the Gentiles” – Gal. 1:11-15. The Focus of the workshop was to motivate and encourage all the participants for their active involvement in fulfilling the first aim of UESI.

The sessions handled by Bro. Sunder Singh Babu and Bro. Rajesh Kshirsagar were mainly focused on How to know and how to reach out to the 2 major communities of our country- the Hindus and the Muslims. UESI president Dr. Himadri Sinha led us into a time of devotion on shared Jesus and Evangelism, Peter as an evangelist to the Jews and Paul as an evangelist to the gentiles. We also had a time to know the ground realities of Bihar and Jharkhand in evangelising people and also discussed the roadmap for it. Sis. Gloria, Bro. Permod and Bro. Rajkumar shared about the lives of 3 missionaries and how they impacted the society through simple gospel. We covet your prayers for the follow up of the participants.

Rajkumar Senapathy, Programme Coordinator


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