This is my story. . . Do you have a story to tell?


Dear brothers and sisters

Greetings in our Lord’s beloved name whose faithfulness and mercies are new every morning – and every New Year – At the outset I wish you all a Blessed New Year as we continue to serve in the UESI ministry.

The beginning of the year is a good time to look back at God’s faithfulness and mercies in our lives and what new lessons we learnt and look forward to his guidance and wisdom. I have learned many things, one of which I would like to share – Obviously I will restrict it to what I learnt regarding money.
Since taking over as Treasurer in 2018, I have incidentally started traveling more than usual in my new role and one of such trips when I travelled by flight, I saved money, thanks to a UESI Staff’s suggestion and his family’s hospitality. As soon as the meeting was over, I was searching for an Uber cab to airport and it showed Rs 196 on the app, but the Staff strongly recommended me to try the Metro. Having traveled just once by Metro in Hyderabad, I was sceptical to try in Delhi. In the meantime, the staff family packed dinner for me and also handed a water bottle.

Eventually, I took the metro for Rs 30, I filled the bottle with free water from the airport, had my dinner in the flight. With this little change and stepping out of my comfort zone and the Staff’s hospitality, I saved Rs 426 in all (Rs 166 on commute to airport, Rs 60 on bottled water, Rs 200 on food) My wife later suggested that each time we believe, we saved money, we save that money in a box and give for missions. If all students and graduates of UESI learnt new ways of saving money, you can imagine as a community how much we will save? I know, some of you are thinking you do it all the time, so why don’t you share your story with us?

Well, this is my story of learning to be a good Steward of the resources God has given me. Share your own story, which you think readers can get inspired and benefit? Maybe you save money buying groceries, medicines, shopping for clothes, online shopping, traveling within city and many other things. Send your story to with the subject line ‘My Story’. In the coming months, your story will be shared in the Treasurer’s letter column in ‘In touch’ so that readers will benefit from you and inculcate a new habit leading to becoming a better steward of God in 2019.

Below is the Financial status of UESI as of the end of Dec 2018. Continue to pray for UESI finances in your personal prayer and EU/EGF cells.

Yours in His service
Franky Fernandes


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