God did wonderful works in Ranchi CMTC 2019. When we entered the Shalom premises, we could see the residence of UESI President Dr Himadri Sinha, the premise of Ranchi Evangelical Bible Fellowship and the office of Jharkhand EGF. With the peaceful atmosphere the venue was neat and clean, with a big ground surrounded by trees, plants and flowers.

The CMTC was supported by a small core team present with Mr. Sudhir Sioni as Director, Mr. Ramakrishna Janga, Mrs. Shilpa Ramakrishna, Mr. John Tirkey, and Mr. Tapan Singh. The CMTC began on 5th June 2019 with praise and worship to Almighty God where 11 students and one state coordinator were present. Though all trains to Ranchi were late we could see the students were excited to become a part of this CMTC.

Dr Himadri Sinha, President of UESI took first 5 devotions on leadership and challenged them for effective leadership with servant attitude. Bro Tapan Singh, SSIC Bihar, took Bible Expositions on 2nd Timothy. Students were challenged to live a life of a servant pleasing to God and to practice evangelism.

Mr Abraham Dennison, from Patna, handled Practical talks on Stewardship and Christian & society which became helping and guiding tools for students to live a life of testimony and to raise testimony.Mr Sunny Murmu, a Ph D student from Jamshedpur exhorted students to identify Campus Trends and encouraged students to take initiative. The session had meaningful group discussion. Mrs. Chinmayee Singh, UESI Staff, conducted effective sessions on Time Management and on Christian giving.

Mr. Reji K Daniel, Pune, taught students on UESI Study Forum which helped the students understand their role in academics and on the subject of Sexuality & marriage. Mr. Ramakrishna Janga, UESI Staff, taught doctrines effectively with interaction during and after the sessions. Students were much benefited understanding the Christian Biblical stands in several aspects of life and ministry.

Mr. John Tirkey, UESI Staff, conducted sessions on PBS/GBS. Mrs. Shilpa Ramakrishna took sessions on Evangelism. She encouraged students with her personal examples to implement PE in their lives and to pray for individuals with broken heart. Students enjoyed small tests during her sessions.She along with Mr. Sudhir Sioni handled UESI Handbook sessions which challenged the students to pray, plan and work result-oriented.

2×2 fellowships also became blessings for students. Some of the Ranchi ICEU/EGF students and graduates spared their valued time to help, including the family of Dr Himadri Sinha.

On the last night a candle light dinner was arranged; students, staff and graduates of Jharkhand EGF/REBF arranged all things meticulously. It was a remarkable and memorable event for all.

All participants have made certain decisions to implement in their personal and ministry life.We extend our heartfelt thanks to all graduates and staff who helped. Though the camp could not become financially self-sufficient, we praise God that he is prayer-answering God.

Impact of CMTC Ranchi 2019:

• This camp boosted me to work more dynamic in my place. I learnt and was challenged to prepare second line leadership. I was also challenged to live a pure life. The lives of Director, and resource persons also have challenged me. I will do regular PE and also begin to contribute financially. Dennis Das, Uttarakhand

• I could understand how to study the Bible. I will do PBS once a week. I will give gospel to one student a month. I learnt that there should not be saturation in spiritual life but always to progress. The leaders took much care and we felt at home. Kathrin David, Chhattisgarh

• I understood about the nature and work of the Holy Spirit. I could know UESI Handbook in details with clarity. I will conduct one EBS in my place. I will control my temper and live to glorify God. Raju Shaw, Bihar

• I could learn PBS in detail and enjoyed the practice. I also learnt about time and money management. I could understand the importance of prayer in once life and so mine too. Gonia S, J & K

• Changed my perspective of life and ministry. I am really indebted to UESI for such wonderful teachings. PBS has prepared me to take the Word of God seriously and prepare GBS sincerely. Suman Kumar, Jharkhand

• I will give leadership with humility. The teaching on PBS and GBS has prepared me well. I have learnt from Evangelism and Handbook Sessions also. I will involve myself in PE and work to use my abilities for God’s glory. Jididiya Kauneri, Odisha

• If these students had not come to this camp these would not have been possible. That is the reason;” Students Hai to Mumkin Hai” …

Sudhir Sioni and CMTC Ranchi Core Team.


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