• To become a volunteer in God’s Mission.
  • To provide first-hand exposure in Mission fields.
  • To know the exciting things happening in Mission fields.
  • To know the needs of various people groups.
  • To have a tough and adventurous experience in life with God.
  • To observe and learn from the life and experience of Missionaries.
  • To confirm God’s specific call for God’s Mission.

*SVP* is a programme for student volunteers, who are interested and willing to spend a short period of their life with another people group and culture, under the guidance of an experienced missionary.

TIME: There are no specific and fixed dates. The program can be arranged any time according to the convenience of the participants. The duration is 15 to 30 days.

PLACE: It is arranged anywhere in India provided the participants raise a part of the travel expense. Girls will be sent to places where missionary families are stationed and will be sent in teams.

PARTICIPANTS: Students and young graduates who are born again Christians from EU-EGF background as well as from various church backgrounds can apply. Give us 3 months to process the application. After the programme is over send back the feedback form along with the research paper based on the questionnaire sent to you.

HOSTS: This programme is arranged in partnership with all the Indian missions in more than 1300 Mission Stations under India Missions Association (IMA) & EFI and Interserve. Missionaries will be the hosts and guide.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Available for all needy students and fresh graduates.

TRAINING: The participants stay and work with a Missionary in the field. Learning is through observation, discussions and actual doing along with the missionary. The field will contribute tremendously in the life of the participants more than their contribution to the field. A person can learn what can never be learned from books or in class rooms.

REMARKS: All the participants have testified that their eyes were opened towards God’s Mission through SVP. Their perspective about missions changed and they became well aware of the socio-economic, linguistic, and spiritual needs of various people groups. Their hearts were filled with compassion leading them to serve humanity.

If you are excited to be a volunteer in Mission, contact for registration forms.

IF YOU CAN SPARE 30 DAYS or More APPLY TO: (with your available dates)

SVP Coordinator
UESI-Missions Cell
Training Department

Staff, Missions Cell – TD, UESI
1116, FF, Phase 9, Sector 63, Mohali,
Chandigarh, Punjab- 160062.
Mob.9646460010 / 7973743471


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