State EGFs


And there are varieties of ministries and the same Lord, and there are varieties of effects, but the same God who works all things in all persons . . . for the body is not one member but many . . . But, now God has placed members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired, 1 Cor. 12:4, 5, 14, 18.

The Cells of National EGF are not a new idea. The need was felt to minister to the caregiver – the Graduate. The first of its kind is the family of an EGF member so, the need for building a Christian Home Cell was felt and it came into existence and it arranged family conference at national level and State level. The Christian Home Cell was formed at the National Conference at Nagpur in 1974. It became a Department in 1987.

Secondly, the need felt was the choice of career which they (EU student) make. One should have complete understanding of one self and must have a complete knowledge of an occupation one chooses and an ability to judge what one possesses and what is actually required for the given occupation. The choice of career is the most critical decision in a student life. Most career counselors agree that satisfying careers are the ones that employ a person’s interests and abilities and suit his or her personality and preferences. The approach to selecting a career should be as scientific and rational as possible.

God has made us unique individuals with a combination of varied interests, abilities, aptitudes, personality traits and experiences that makes us fit for certain kinds of work. Career guidance is the process of assisting the individual to choose an occupation, prepare for it, and enter it and progress in it. In addition to this, unless they are trained to witness during college days to stand for the Lord they can never stand in the work place as a witness. So the need became an idea and bloomed into a Career Guidance Cell. Again the voice was raised within the constituency of UESI and outside, i.e., in the church that we are neglecting Social Concern and Christian Ethics.

Others are pointing at us that we pay too much attention to the basics of the Word of God and not caring for the society and not raising our voice against social evils. In fact, EU members after their graduation are encouraged to listen to God’s call to do fulltime mission work since UESI also gives opportunities to attend mission camp and student missionary visit. In spite of this, many are not attracted to go for mission work. Hence NEGF felt the need to organize seminars to create awareness among graduates to fulfill UESI’s fourth aim, “mission.”

Who cares whether you go to church on Sunday or not? Do we really need to go to church if we attend a good EGF meeting? No, UESI is not a substitute for church but each EGF member must be a member of a Bible-believing church and actively participate in church programmes and by being a witness and available as speaker to help pastor and church members as a Role Model. Therefore, the Church Relations Cell came into existence.

Cells and Their Aims

1. Christian Home

To help out young men and women to find and fulfill God s will in their marriage.
To study and spread the teachings of the Bible about Christian home and family.
To motivate prayer support and resources for the furtherance of these objectives and to resist the forces that are destroying family life today.
To help and compliment the ministry of local churches in the area of family life

  • Ethos
    The family is the nucleus of society and cradle of civilization.
    The family is important as God’s first institution.
    The family is the centre of education.
    The family is the growth centre and basis for supporting each other.
    The family is the smallest unit of the church and helps in its ministry.
    The family is the centre of Christian witness.
    The family is to be a heaven for the needy and lonely.

2. Career Guidance

  • Objectives
    Identify talents of students and encourage them.
    Conduct career guidance seminars in various educational institutions – on payment from the institutions.
    Every strata of the society should have our UESI representation for Christian presence and subsequent quality Christian witness.
    To see that UESI models are in every strata of our society.
    Write articles / booklets on career guidance, facing interviews, appearing in entrance examinations.
    Help in conducting short-term courses on career guidance, facing interviews, IAS exams and competitive test, etc., in different regions with a team of competent faculty members.
    Identify and encourage suitable qualified educationalists to help out fulltime to take up the department work.

3. Chrstian Ethics And Social Concerns

  • Goals
    Educate / Train graduates in raising a Christian testimony (4th aim of UESI NEGF), so the society may know that the Christian faith has solutions to the problems of mankind like violence, injustice, corruption, hunger, unemployment, etc.
    Teaching on holistic ministry- great commission (Mk; 16; 15.)
    Graduates should be taught to be both Salt and Light: Salt to check the decay in the society and light to show the right way in this dark world.
    Raise the Christian Voice on Contemporary issues – like ecological problems nuclear weapons, exploitations, etc., by organizing seminars, or writing in newspapers.
    Social Concerns Dept must operate at National / State / Local levels to meet the needs of the problem related to exploitation
    Create a network to provide resources during natural calamities, accidents, and sickness, etc.

4. Church involvement

  • Objectives
    To establish a meaningful relationship with the local churches.
    To encourage graduates for meaningful involvement in the local churches to fulfil the witness and mission of the Church by prayer, financial support, and teaching of God’s Word.
    To help churches to develop specialized ministries.

5. Mentoring & Counselling

  • Goals
    To create an awareness and appreciation of the need for counseling and motivating for getting trained in the community.
    To give exposure to basic Christian counseling paradigms.
    To equip those who desire to be people – helpers in formal or informal settings, by training them.
    To help our interested students, graduates, and staff to be trained as professional / skilled counselors to be available for our constituency, churches, and other organizations.
    To encourage and support EGF graduate members and other individuals in establishing counseling centers based on biblical principles.

6. Tent Making Initiatives (TMI)

1. Vision of TMI

To mobilize and facilitate students and graduates to go into a cross cultural situation where Christians are scarce, practice their vocation, witness their faith and actively involved in local students ministry.

2. TMI Goals

  • To help in fulfilling the 4th aim of UESI by strategically placing tentmakers and missionary students in cities and towns where there is very less Christian presence.
  • To start student groups in pioneering focus cities where there is no student ministry through tentmakers and missionary students.
  • To help those who have a burden for the North Indian States to find jobs to work and colleges to study.
  • To mentor and provide fellowship to tentmakers and missionary students.
  • To promote tent making in south and north eastern States of India and identify potential tent makers.

3. Major Activities

  • A fellowship get together of all tent makers in North Indian States once in 2/3 years.
  • Orientation programme for the new tentmakers/ missionary students under the aegis of NEGF.
  • Volunteers programme for vision builders (mission secretaries, graduates and staff workers) who are in south and north east States to create awareness about tent making so that they will encourage EU students.
  • Programmes like SVP where students and young graduates can visit pioneering focus cities in North India and look for jobs or join a course to enhance students ministry.