UESI Manipur
Orientation for key functionaries in UESI Manipur was held on 10th (Evening) and 11th (Full Day) November at MBC Guest House Conference Hall whereby 25 delegates participated. The participants were drawn from various EGF units, Board members of the Executive Committee (UESI, Manipur) and Field Staff/Coordinators. The resource persons were Selvakumar, a Graduate from Mumbai and J.Selvadurai, a National Staff who taught the participants on various topics.

The various aspects that are taught during the orientation included ‘Constitution, Governance, Purpose of Christian Board, Conducting Effective Board Meeting,Stewardship, Four Board Mandates, Twelve Responsibilities, Stakeholders, Management and Board Colleagues, Attributes of good Board Members and Spiritual attributes, Principle and Practices of a highly effective board.”

The resource persons challenged the participants to understand the ‘roles and responsibilities’ to be executed by various stakeholders while making a reference that Executive Committee is the very ‘heart’ and ‘brain’ of the students’ movement that ought to give directions, guide and lead to achieve the visions, missions and aims of the movement in State. The resource persons also encouraged the participants to proactively engage in the Kingdom’s business with sense of commitment, dedication, honesty, transparency, accountability and sacrifices while serving the Board and beyond.

The resource persons recommended the following points; (a) the State to come out with clearer ‘Vision document of movement’ from now on until 2020 while referring to VISION 2020, (b) to conduct such orientation program once in every two years to equip and orient the incoming new leaders in the Executive Committee and (c) the EC to make a plan for field visit in all the units giving direction, guiding and leading the local units. The Executive Committee is being thankful to the resource persons for their valuable time spent orienting the participants while assuring that necessary actions shall be initiated as mandated by the National and as the stewards of God’s Kingdom business.

– Poudikhon Pamei, State Secretary


Mizoram State Committee Orientation Programme on “Ministry Governance” was conducted on 18th and 19th November 2017 at Students Centre, Aizawl, Mizoram. The resource person for this orientation was
Mr. J. Selvadurai. A total of 15 members attended this programme, representing Mizoram State EGF Executive Committee, Aizawl EGF Committee and Aizawl ICEU Committees. The training gave us better insights about the importance and responsibilities of the member as a committee in particular and the UESI ministry as a whole.

In the first session on 18th November Dr. L.N. Tluanga, President of Mizoram EGF and a pioneer in the UESI Ministry of Mizoram introduced the resource person, about the UESI ministry and the importance of strict governance in its conduct. He further encouraged the members to be effective members who make things happen. He also reminded the members that the ministry is a student initiative ministry which is bonded by relationships/ fellowship. After the introduction, the resource person also emphasized on the uniqueness of the ministry which is not like any other organization.

The second session was chaired by Mr. Para, member of Mizoram State EGF Committee. The resource person emphasized the importance of each and every member and their role and responsibilities. He reminded the trainees of the core mandates for the ministry i.e., direction in establishing the mission, vision, core values, etc. of the ministry and the importance of having short-term and long-term plan, capacity and performance wherein evaluation is an integral part for effective and efficient ministry and importance of good governance. Group activities were also done involving all the members present.

The final session on 19th Nov., was chaired by Sis. Sophie Lalnunpuii, member of Mizoram State EGF Committee. Three board legal duties i.e., Care towards responsibilities, Loyalty in specific transactions and Obedience towards Ministry Mission, Vision, Core Values and Laws of the Land, and the characteristics expected of Board members were the highlights of this session. The session ended with prayer by Uncle Chhawnvungs, Vice President of Mizoram EGF and a pioneer in the UESI ministry of Mizoram.

Mr. Selvadurai encouraged the members to form Regional Committees and the urged need of more full-time coordinators, to cover all the 8 districts of Mizoram. SWOT analysis of the UESI ministry in Mizoram helped analyze the ministry and where emphasis should be given. UESI, Mizoram is very grateful to Mr. J. Selvadurai who gave us better insights about the good governance for the ministry.



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