State Committee Orientation Program (SCOP), UESI Kerala


Kerala’s State Committee Orientation Program (SCOP) was held at Kerala UESI Centre, Ernakulam on 16th to 17th March 2018. The 15 participants representing State Executive Committee, Staff and Regional office bearers were the participants. All were enriched as they listened to the National Leaders who shared valuable insight on the importance of State EC, Governance and Stewardship. Mr. C. Julius, Chairperson – OPEC (Organizational Planning and Evaluation Cell) and Mr. Selvadurai, Secretary of OPEC.

Bro. Selvadurai gave clarity of definition importance of Governance, State EC Mandates and State EC. The Bible study on Acts 15 gave a scriptural insight into the attributes needed for leaders-the committee/State EC members.

Mr. Julius enabled the participants to understand spiritual attributes and responsibilities of State EC Members and stewardship through the parable of Talents as a case study. Further he enlightened us on the “Principles and practices of a highly effective State EC”.

Mr. Selvadurai shared on balancing three important relationships – Stakeholders, Management and State EC Colleagues. He also led the participants to understand UESI General Body and the responsibilities of State Committee members. He further encouraged each committee member in providing support to the leaders in the forefront and to constantly evaluate them in order to give assistance and direction.

The case studies, group discussions and team activities kept the participants alert and helped them to understand the key aspects of Team work and being an effective leader.

UESI Kerala is very grateful to Mr. C. Julius and Mr. Selvadurai for giving insight and direction to the state leaders on effective functioning of the committees.

“Learnt about the role of the EC for the effective working out of the Organization; The function of the President; Clear explanation of the roles; Setting goals for the Ministry and proper evaluation of the goals achieved”. Rev. Itty Mathew.

“Reinforced that it is a God given responsibility; Sessions were interesting and also the group activity; themes conveyed with apt examples”. Mrs. Sheena George.

“Learnt the meaning of Governance; Roles and responsibilities of EC and how to be a good Committee member”. Mr. Baiju Thomas.

“Liked the Commitment, passion and Communication of the Resource Persons; A well-organized Programme” Mr. Jacob Samuel.

Mrs. Diana Johanan, Kerala EC Member.


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