Staff Development Department


Mission of the department:
To facilitate each UESI Staff to be a Christ-like role model – to holistically develop and excel in all areas of life and ministry, thus enabling them to reach to their fullest potential and be at their best in fulfilling the vision, aims and objectives of UESI and to serve the UESI Constituency and the church at large in achieving God given vision. To be the HR wing of UESI, creating HR policies (related to students, graduates and staff) and maintenance of Organizational HR records.

Functions and activities of the department:
1. To fulfil the Staff development function for UESI:
a. Equip the entry level staff to understand the vision and mission of UESI.
b. Train and equip all the staff in the required core competencies for their respective roles (including the need to be spiritually competent and committed to the ministry).
c. Enable staff members to reach maturity level in life and ministry at personal, team and corporate levels by providing pastoral care and facilitating a climate that emphasizes continuous improvement               and positive development.
2. To fulfil the HR Department function for UESI:
a. Facilitate the recruitment process (identification of potential staff, reference checks and recommendations, conduct interviews, reference checks and recommend and appointment) for the various                   vacant roles within UESI (National staff & Ministry Partners – formerly called Field Partners).
b. Facilitate the appointment process (provide appointment letter, terms, role clarity, job descriptions, functional/administrative accountability lines and introductions to governing committee) for all                     National Staff & Ministry Field Partners at the time of initial appointment, during changes of role and during any staff re- deployment
c. Responsible for facilitating staff welfare
d. Responsible for addressing disputes involving national staff workers
e. Enforcing disciplinary guidelines wherever required
f. Ensure timely and fair staff appraisal processes, including reviewing appraisal inputs and providing recommendations to EC – with regard to proposed change of roles, redeployment, promotions, etc
g. Ensure timely renewal of staff contracts as per existing process and policies
h. Network with other Christian organizations/Churches to ensure sharing of staff resources (includes deputation of UESI staff to other organizations like IFES, EMFI, etc)
i. Maintain (includes periodical updates) true copies of Organizational HR records like Organization Charts, JDs for Staff, RDs for Departmental Chairpersons/members, Staff Manual (with Terms Papers &            Guidelines), Staff records, Disciplinary procedures, etc– all of which encompass the realms of EU students, EGF graduates and Staff.
j. Provide common guidelines and support to State units in all areas related to scope.

Partnership with state counterparts
Will be working very closely with states which are decentralised, non-decentralised. Time to time working with their EC and SDD committees for better coordination and connectivity. Making sure that policies related to staff followed at state level too. Making sure welfare schemes will be implemented whenever National UESI recommending. Maintaining quality in all levels.

Your departments contribution to UESI constituency
Staff are resources from God to the movement, committed to the cause of Christ and laid down their career and other dreams for the sake of gospel. Staff team which is one of the fillers for the fellowship of UESI and as well as for organisation. Right now, 141 national staff including office staff are based in different parts of the country right from the Kashmir to Kanyakumari, with the call of Christ and burden for the perishing student community. Other than national staff, there are state staff working in decentralized states of India in ministering, developing and evangelising students. SDD is the key in recruitment, development and deputation of staff based on the field recommendations.

Expectations from the constituency
   • Let’s praise God for the army of spiritual men and women of God who are available to serve the Lord through UESI.
   • Let’s honour servants of the living God for their calling and commitment.
   • Pray for each staff specifically who are placed indifferent parts of the country, that evil will not touch them or disturb them.
   • Pray so that they proclaim the love of Christ with boldness and with the power of the Holy Spirit in the changing scenario of the country.
   • Encourage them wherever and whenever possible.
   • Encourage young graduates to join staff team and serve though UESI.
   • Encourage students who have completed studies waiting for job to join staff team and serve though UESI.
   • Create a beautiful environment for staff to work and give their best to the Lord to build kingdom of God among the students.

Personnel secretary, UESI Nashik


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