The South Zone Coordination Team meet was held on the 4thand 5thof March 2017 at the UESI AP Study Center, Nambur AP. 40+ delegates from all the southern states comprising of respective State Executive Committees, department heads, student representatives and State Secretaries represented. Bro
Selvadurai started with devotions challenging the constituency to be committed to the vision in action with suitable response to the needs presented.
The State Secretaries presented their reports which were a good time of learning from one another. Best practices followed in each state were highlighted. Some of the innovative programs included the Barbeque night for urban students, Graduate equipping programs, camp for childless graduate couples; Alumni meet for
CMTC attendees, reaching out to premier institutes, Translation training workshop, and special camp for civil services aspirants. The states shared their challenges which were prayed over. There was special time of prayer for each of the board members with the respective peers from the other states.
Department Concerns: Bro Saji Easo from NEGF, Bro Jacob Varghese from Training department Dr. Richard Samuel and Bro John Jebaraj James on Publication Trust, Bro Arpit Khristmukti from Organizational Planning and Evaluation and invited for cross cultural participation. Several matters of concern were discussed
openly and amicable action items arrived at. UESI Treasurer Bro Reji Daniel and Administrative Secretary Bro Jayasheel from FAD provided crucial insights into finance & property matters in the light of legal compliance.
The active participation of AP graduates in the ministry both in the state and outside was commended. One of the best practices – one senior graduate and senior student meeting for prayer every week with 2 students as a mandatory action was well appreciated. It was therefore decided that a 6 month study be done by students on the topic “Extensive studies on contributions of students and graduates of united Andhra in developing student
ministry nationwide”.
Bro Reji Daniel led the Group Bible Study from Romans 14, exhorting us to be accommodative in the ministry. Bro George K Matthew the Zonal Secretary coordinated the program and ensuring productivity and good participation. UESI-AP played a perfect host caring for us and serving timely sumptuous meals and refreshments. It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to help the southern states reach out to more and more students.
Secretary, UESI


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