Dear brothers and sisters:

Greetings in our Lord’s glorious name, the name which is above all names!

We live in the information or digital age and there is no dearth of data that we all receive on our emails and WhatsApp. Knowledge empowers us to take action but sadly, most of this data has no long-lasting value. What you are about to read has great eternal value and can greatly benefit the UESI ministry. . . and if this is passed on, much greater.

If you are reading this letter to know the need in UESI at the moment and in turn you will give, you are among those who feel indebted to UESI for all that you have received over these years from the Staff and Graduates and so are moved and burdened by the Holy Spirit to give, maybe even give sacrificially. Nevertheless, your response is a direct result of data and information you chose to read.

Just imagine you stopped reading Treasurer letters (local/state/national) for a few months, you stopped attending EGF meetings, retreats, conferences, you don’t hear from your local treasurer anything about the needs of UESI, and so you stopped praying for UESI needs. Will you still be moved to give after a year?

I guess not! If you are generous, you will give generously but not to UESI. Not that UESI needs would have ceased but your burden for UESI would have ceased in your heart! Can that happen? Yes! it has happened.

I have come across so many graduates in the last few months who have stopped giving to UESI, because they no longer have the burden, just because they no more hear about the needs. It is as though they seem to have forgotten that they were saved through an EU Bible study or that they were discipled by graduates is a long forgotten memory. They have either stopped receiving communication or have become out of reach. What more? Even those attending meetings seem to have lost the burden because of lack of data and information. Trust me, this is true.

Who will tell them? We who know the needs and feel the burden should pass on this data and information. Is it even biblical to do such a thing? Read 2 Corinthians 8 and 9. Paul was reigniting the burden of the church in Corinth to give to the needy church in Jerusalem. Is it in line with our Faith based Financial Policy? Absolutely! We are supposed to share needs and look to God in faith. UESI will have a deficit of over Rs 60 lakhs by end of Feb 2019, which needs to be cleared by Mar 2019. If not now, when is the right time to share this data? Ironically, we have become wired to forward data or information which does little or nothing for the Kingdom of God.

Do you know at least one such graduate, who has benefited as a student by you or someone else’s ministry but is out of touch now? Just one is enough! If each of us reading this letter shares to at least one such graduate, can you imagine how many will get this information? In thousands! Share the needs of UESI, over WhatsApp or email and pray. Just share, you don’t have to ask them to contribute, let the Holy Spirit reignite the burden and draw them to give generously.

I can testify this that I have received calls and WhatsApp messages from those who don’t give regularly to UESI but were moved by some email or WhatsApp message that reached them because someone took the initiative to pass on. Just say a word of prayer and pass on. Some are passing on the message faithfully, will you pass on?

I am sharing below details of the Financial position in UESI, which will help you and others who you will share.

1. 63 lakh deficits by Feb 2019, which means by Mar 2019 we may reach close to 70 lakhs. Can you pray? Can you share? This can seriously affect other important areas of ministry
2. 4.75 lakh – Staff children Education – I need not over emphasize the importance of this need. Let us give generously!
3. 5 Lakh – NPS and EPF are statutory requirements, so must be paid. We are delayed. Pray that we can pay it in Feb 2019

My humble request that you come together as EU/EGFs and in your family time, uphold this need to the Lord




• 4 acres plot identified in Kimari, located between Mussorrie and Dehradun
• Cost of land Rs 3.20 crores approx.
• Verification of documents by advocate
• Permission from Local Govt. to purchase
• North Field Project Committee
• Needed finances

Yours in His service
Franky Fernandes


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