Christmas programs in Sikkim
Exams in almost all the institutions in the state were to start from the end of November and end by the beginning of December. Therefore, all the Christmas programs are being organized in the early part of November. Out of the 4 EU units only 3 units could organize the program. Thank God for all the resource persons available for this program, yes, we also want to thank God for all the friends from other faith coming to hear the good news on this special day. Pray that the Lord will continue to speak to them and for proper follow up.

GS’ visit to Sikkim
We are so thankful for the opportunity that God give to our GS Bro. Saji Easo to visit Sikkim on the 16th & 17th of December. Although he couldn’t meet any students, but praise God he was able to meet and have fellowship with the few graduates available during that time, he was also able to have time with the staff and briefly with the treasurer. In our own personal way and as a group we were all so blessed to have him in our midst, and to hear beautiful insight from the Scripture. The staff was also blessed to receive a lot of guidance concerning the ministry in the state.


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